Can't find SODIMM on laptop

  consultik 13:10 20 Jan 2007

I have a Multivision Nexus 8010 Notebook and I'm upgrading the memory. Ordered two 512MB SODIMMs from Crucial after using their scanner and talking to them (excellent service ordered Thur evening, arrived Sat morning with standard post). I've managed to replace one of the existing SODIMMs (small panel in the centre of the underside of the laptop) with no problems , but I can't find the other SODIMM slot - does anyone know if I need to completely remove the case to find this?

  Batch 13:52 20 Jan 2007

It is not uncommon for one of the memory slots to be buried deep inside (and so not readily accessible by just removing a slot in cover). Access to such memory varies from mechine to machine.

  Belatucadrus 14:04 20 Jan 2007

It may be that one module is built into the motherboard and only the expansion module that you've found is available for change.

  ed-0 14:06 20 Jan 2007

On laptops, you usually get one dimm ( memory slot ) under a plate on the rear of the laptop. The other dimm is usually located underneath the keyboard.

Do you have a manual with the laptop, does it show you how to take out the keyboard?

  ed-0 14:07 20 Jan 2007

Sorry got your name wrong. spell checker must have altered it;-(

  consultik 14:16 20 Jan 2007

No manual with the laptop (there might be a CD that came with it at the time - I shall look) Tried undoing all the screws on the underside of the laptop to see if the case would readily come apart, but it didn't and I didn't feel like forcing it. How do you normally gain access to keyboard? - there are no screws showing on the upper (keyboard side) of the case.

  consultik 15:09 20 Jan 2007

Found the CD, but its damaged (don't know how) and none of the pdf manual files will open (tried on another computer as well)

  woodchip 15:19 20 Jan 2007

The case as to be dismantled to replace the other. it is the same on my Medion. You can only get at one from external

  woodchip 15:23 20 Jan 2007

To get into laptop on most. you should see a narrow panel just under screen with maybe Start button, this may slide to the left so you can get to keyboard screws but these things are not easy to work with. Look fo a pin hole that releases the narrow panel at the back edge

  ed-0 15:48 20 Jan 2007

You do need the manual to have any chance of getting into the machine. Unless your name is woodchip, he seems to have the knack of finding the right way.:-)

Some are screwed from underneath, some you have to take of the screen and work down to the keyboard and some are like woodchips ( Hi woodchip, not the weather for building your porch :-( )

As I said above, most of the laptops I hav seen have one stick underneath and the other under the keyboard.

I did have a look for an online manual but I can't even find a site for the manufacturer.

  consultik 16:18 20 Jan 2007

Can't find a narrow panel such as suggested, but there is a mesh grill across width of lap top that covers fan and speakers - but no obvious way of getting in.


Unfortunately Multivision went out of business a few years ago (not long after I'd bought the laptop!) - I may try a new post on here to see if anyone else has one.

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