Can't find saved Word Documents

  NXS 23:41 30 Mar 2004

Did work on a Word document that was sent via e-mail. When asked if I want to save changes, clicked on yes. It than did the normal visual saving of the document which is the shrinking box down onto the system tray area.
At a later stage I went to open the document and the changes weren't there. Tried again, and it defenitely shows its saving the document, but when I re-open I can't find it.
When I follow the same process with a word document, say on the desktop, and re-open this, the changes are there.

This makes me believe that the saved document is somewhere, however very through sereachs on my 'C' drive cant find anything.
System Windows XP
E-Mail Outlook Express

  User-312386 00:15 31 Mar 2004

C:\Documents and Settings\Your Name\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5

  temp003 09:39 31 Mar 2004

Enable "Show hidden files and folders" in Folder Options, View tab, and look for the documents in the directory mentioned by madboy33, or simply search.

  NXS 00:54 01 Apr 2004

Thanks madboy33 and temp003.

Enabled hidden files and folders, and looked in Temporary Internet files\contents.IE5.
Couldn't find it, infact only saw internet files. Also did a search and couldn't find it there. Bit more info that I noticed, is that when I close the attachment, it asks if I want to save changes, I do so. If I than open the attachment without having closed the e-mail, the changes are there. However if I close and re-open the e-mail, the changes vanish. Also when I go to cloase the e-mail after having said yes to saving attachment changes, I am not asked if I want to save changes to e-mail, its just closes the e-mail.

  Djohn 01:32 01 Apr 2004

NXS. Only a guess but if it's a "Word" document received via e-mail, it may have been protected to stop you from making changes to it.

  temp003 04:28 01 Apr 2004

There is stuff in the Temporary Internet files which isn't shown in Explorer. I should have realised that.

Can't you just save the attachment to another location on your computer?

Open the email, right click the attachment, select Save as. Then do not just click Save, but where it says at the top "Save in", click the down arrow, and select another folder or drive, say, My Documents. Then save. It will then appear in My Documents.

You should always do this when you need to edit the attachment, or just want to keep a copy of the attachment without saving the email.

If you must access previous copies of the file (with your changes, but apparently unsaved), you might still be able to do so through a command prompt. Post back if you need to do that.

  User-312386 08:26 01 Apr 2004

you have to type the Content.IE5 folder as it is a "non-exisitent" folder

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