Can't find PC Tools Internet Security 2009 on disc

  djjd007 15:15 29 Oct 2008

Hi all,

I am eager to install the 12 month version of PC Tool's Internet Security 2009 from the cover disc of November's magazine.

I have registered as requested for activation etc.

But I am unable to find the setup file on the cover disc!

Was there another DVD on the front of the magazine, besides the one with trial versions of PC Tools Antivirus and Spyware software?
I have searched in all folders but cannot find the program setup file. I installed the PC Tools Antivirus software from the Trial folder, but it does not look like the software suite featured in the magazine.

Am I missing something obvious???


  T I M B O 15:20 29 Oct 2008

DON'T,,, ,use avg & comodo
Comodo >> click here

AVG >> click here

  RickyC :-) 15:29 29 Oct 2008

Providing you have the DVD edition of the magazine, you'll find the software in a folder called 'PC Tools' within the 'Full' directory.

TIMBO - I'm intrigued - what's the reasoning for using AVG and Comodo instead of the all-in-one security software from PC Tools?


Software Editor

  Newuser38 15:31 29 Oct 2008

Just checked and it is on the November 2008 dvd under Full.

  T I M B O 15:39 29 Oct 2008

I don't remember seeing PC Tools being recommended as viable antivirus software. I do try and keep up with all the reviews & avg is fairly good and comodo is one of the best free firewalls.

Kindest Regards


  crosstrainer 15:40 29 Oct 2008

As the Software Editor say's, just use PC Tools....I already had a subscription to it so didn't install the freebie, but is is exactly where the SE hasdirected you.

It's excellent protection, and I only use SuperAntispywrse (free version) and Ccleaner to augment it.

Also Lavasoft's adaware 2008, but neither have found anything in ages as a result of PC Tools doing it's job.

  T I M B O 15:44 29 Oct 2008

Lavasoft never finds anything nowerdays lol

  djjd007 15:48 29 Oct 2008

Thanks all,

Software Ed has pointed out that I obviously unwittingly purchased the CD edition of the magazine.
However, before I go looking for the DVD edition, I will take your suggestions on board.
Quicker and cheaper than going out to buy the brand leaders'....but are the freebies as good at their job?


  T I M B O 15:51 29 Oct 2008

Yes the freebies are good at what they do, Comodo comes highly reccommended & avg or even advast all of which can be found from

  Rahere 16:09 29 Oct 2008

click here only review I could find but seems adequate but not glowing.

I agree with Timbo that I prefer independent programs to all in one suites. Generally they are more effective and offer better control. The convenience of suites is seductive for many users but most suites are flawed in some way -in this case it seems that there's no advanced heuristic scanning option.

Another problem with suites for me is that they seldom offer the degree of control I want - if it's there at all the tability to tweak is well hidden and this makes life more difficult.

AVG 8 and Avast! both free have a wide range of features and compete well with paid for protection. Add a an excellent firewall like Comodo and scanners such as a squared or Spybot S&D and you are pretty secure. Add Spywareguard and SpywareBlaster and you're safe as you can be.

Your money, your choice though.

  Newuser38 16:37 29 Oct 2008

Its on the December PCA DVD as well if that is any help.

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