cant find or open my hotmail address

  end 17:59 15 Jan 2005

win 98se IE6 Guard IE on Tower
reently created a new hotmail address, but I now cannot find the web page to sign into it nor open it;I have sent a test e mail to it. the links I have on one of my other threads send me nowhere; can I have some sign in clues please:)
It is a hotmail at type address if that makes any difference:(

  VoG II 18:01 15 Jan 2005

click here should work.

  mattyc_92 18:02 15 Jan 2005

I am guessing you mean that you can't log into your hotmail account???

Have you tried opening the website and typing in "[email protected]"???

  ACOLYTE 18:05 15 Jan 2005

click here if you have MSN messenger installed if you can log in here you should be able to accsess your email addy as well
you will need a msn username and your password.

  end 18:13 15 Jan 2005

have got messenger; have already tried that route and got no where; have PM"d Vog to show where his link ends up for me just in case that link goes to an" inaprrorpate "site:)

I have been struggling with this for some hours:(

whichever way I try this I get no where; and it is a new hotmail account

  ACOLYTE 18:17 15 Jan 2005

The link i gave doesn't require a hot mail email account just a msn user name and password,when/if you get to log in then any email accounts associated with that user name will also be logged in as well through the net passport if you have one.If you have set up a new msn name you can use this but the old email addy wont be available.Did you verify your email account? if it wasnt a hotmail or msn one that is.

  lotvic 18:21 15 Jan 2005

VOG's link works for me - takes me straight to the .NET Passport sign in window
I enter my email address and password
and then when I click 'SIGN IN' takes me to my emails

  end 18:25 15 Jan 2005

YES; I can sign in then get something else!!

  VoG II 18:27 15 Jan 2005

end ends up (no pun intended) at click here when going to click here

For me, that is a Hotmail sign-in page.

  CHAIRLEG 18:29 15 Jan 2005

Same for me with VoG™ link and don't even have to sign in.

  ACOLYTE 18:32 15 Jan 2005

When and i dont know if this happens for every one but when you end up at the net passport page your msn user name is already filled in and all you need to do is put the password in,as i said might be different for others but thats how mine works.

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