cant find modem drivers to reinstall xp pro

  brummiesuttoner 15:33 13 Jul 2007

im considering a clean install of xp as sooo much crap has accumalated over the years,and my pc is slow.However,i cant find my modem disc,Origo ASU-8000,AND AM CONFUSED WITH BACKING UP ALL PHOTOS,MUSIC, worried without my modem disc i wont be able to install the driver and cant get on the internet to install all antivirus,spyware progs.i do use ccleaner but still slow.
any advice plse?

  johndrew 15:52 13 Jul 2007

Before you do a reinstall make certain you have all the disks and drivers you need or you will have problems.

For backing up photos. documents, e-mails, etc., you should use either a separate hard drive (not a partion or the drive you will use to install XP) or CDs/DVDs.

Alternatively you could try something like Advanced Windows Care click here, or another good registry cleaner and see if that helps.

  jimv7 16:22 13 Jul 2007

Go into device manager, under the listing, check the modem, manufacturer and make, download new drivers from the manufacturer's site.

  Stuartli 16:31 13 Jul 2007

Apparently your modem, like my modem router, is a rebadged Safecom model (Safecom SWLP-54108). Drivers can be found at:

click here

click here


click here

  brummiesuttoner 08:40 14 Jul 2007

had plenty of probs with a safecom router stuartli.the link you gave just says download and the files dont make sense!windows care has speeded it up john thanks!how do i back up files to dvd though???

  HCOOH 09:23 14 Jul 2007

Agree with johndrew, Advanced Windows Care is very good and may sort out your machine.

  johndrew 11:12 14 Jul 2007

Backing up to DVD is no different to backing up to a drive other than space. Simply either use something like Nero or Acronis TI and copy or back the files up. If the files are fairly small you could use CDs which would be cheaper, if you have a large files or many of them I would suggest an external HDD as it may be cheaper in the long run and you could use it for normal backing up of your system and for storage.

  brummiesuttoner 11:27 14 Jul 2007

id nero and acronis free??pc much quicker john.thanks for that do you back up to cd or dvd?

  brummiesuttoner 11:28 14 Jul 2007

is should be!

  HCOOH 11:40 14 Jul 2007

Acronis True image is not a free programme but is really worth having. It's up to Version 10 with 11 looming but I use Version 8 without a problem. The later versions enable backing up to DVD but I use an external drive. Have a look on Amazon it's possible that there may be a bargain going.

  brummiesuttoner 10:08 15 Jul 2007

thanks everyone for your help.much appreciated

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