Can't find live screen flip and mirroring software

  gelmick 17:39 30 Jun 2003

I'm disabled and I can look down on to my actual desktop easier than up at my screen.
I want to be able to put a mirror on my desk and flip my pc screen upside down and mirror whatever is on it,when I'm using applications and while I'm surfing,then I could work much easier,but I can't find the software.

  Jester2K II 18:32 30 Jun 2003

I can't find anything on this (other than prank software) but i'm sure something must exist. Hang in there...

  Djohn 18:50 30 Jun 2003

click here maybe something like this will be of help to you. Regards. j.

  Jester2K II 18:56 30 Jun 2003

Just tried this...........

Can you get the monitor itself turned upside down??? Might not be ideal but it works! Just tested it with a book and a mirror.

On the other hand it might not do the monitor any good though.

  Jester2K II 18:57 30 Jun 2003

Except - just realised that the writing is back to front.... Damm pictures....


  PSF 18:58 30 Jun 2003

If you are using a Nvidia card you can turn the screen around or upside down, it is under NV Rotate.

You will need the newer drivers to do this.

  Djohn 19:14 30 Jun 2003

Have you thought of having a Hole cut into the desktop, with the monitor mounted underneath, pointing up! This could then be covered with a sheet of glass to make the desktop flush.

The monitor will work this way without harm, A shop local to me has his mounted this way. j.

  Sir Radfordin 19:20 30 Jun 2003

The idea given by Djohn is how some new ergonomic desks are designed. Look in something like Office World or Viking Direct for a suitable desk.

NVedia graphics card do have a rotate options as stated, and some TFT screens can be rotated (though I don't know to what extent.)

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