Can't eradicate Malware - Windows 7

  AroundAgain 23:26 08 Mar 2014


Running Windows 7, Firefox with AdBlockPlus, Avast!

I hope someone can advise me, please

I have recently started getting some pop-up adverts and invitations re a survey, with the current date displayed. These pop-up when I have just opened a favourite, ie BBC News, or a forum including these PCAdvisor forums

I have scanned (a few times) with both Malwarebytes and Spybot, including while in Safe Mode but I can't seem to eradicate this, which I assume is malware

Short of reformating, I hope someone can tell me what else I can try

Many thanks

  rdave13 23:44 08 Mar 2014

Check programs and features first. Study carefully what is listed. If you find an unknown program then copy and do a search when you go to 'computer'. If you find a program you know you haven't installed then back to safe mode and uninstall. On booting again revert all your browsers to default.

  AroundAgain 00:05 09 Mar 2014

Hi rdave

Yes, I've just seen two 'unknown' in Progs&Feat

FInndBBeStDeali and the other is TubeittAdBloockuFR

With a recent installation date. I'm about to check on Internet, and then will check the hard drive for them.

How do I revert browsers (Firefox and IE (rarely used)) please?

Thanks very much. Looks like you've (hopefully) pointed me to the problem

  AroundAgain 00:35 09 Mar 2014

Hi I've tried a System Restore to the last point that seems to be available, which is only 6 March 2014. I don't understand where previous points have gone.

However, after this System Restore, on checking Programs/Features, I notice one of the entries wasn't to be seen, the other was, plus yet another presumably from an earlier time.

None of these could be uninstalled, in both normal and Safe Mode.

I will wait for further advice and am still hoping I don't need to do a reformat but maybe that's what's needed. I do have the OS disc to do so.


  rdave13 08:24 09 Mar 2014

In system restore did you check the box for Show more restore points ?

Try AdwCleaner, download and instructions for use from Bleeping computers.

How to reset browsers to default settings.

  john bunyan 08:28 09 Mar 2014

Also see here for uninstalling the Tubeit one: tube it

  Jollyjohn 09:44 09 Mar 2014

In Programs, Uninstall a program, tick the box to "Show Updates" wait for the list to be fully populated then look for Internet Explorer update. Uninstall IE, this will roll IE back to the previous version and will remove any nasties that are embedded in IE.

Firefox, backup your bookmarks, uninstall and reinstall then import your bookmarks.

  AroundAgain 10:32 09 Mar 2014

Hi I've seen and read your responses. I've to go out just now but back lunchtime so will work through your suggestions this afternoon.

Thanks. I'll get back to you later Cheers

  AroundAgain 13:52 09 Mar 2014


I've decided this is getting too techie for me now. I'm at a point where I don't know what I'm doing, what to delete and what not to etc. I do have some issues re crashing periodically so, having got to this point, I've thought carefully and decided this is probably a very good time for me to re-format. I've had this PC for 2 or 3 yrs now, (was 'bare bones' from NovaTec) so it would be good to have a clean start.

As it happens, I have a quieter few days this week so, as I said, probably a very good time.

I think I will 'clone' the drive, once it's all set up again. Then, at least I have a copy of it. Also, must make sure I create a ReStore point, for easy 'go back' if necessary. Would make life so much easier, I feel. Hope that makes sense.

Thanks for all your advice. I had hoped to be able to just 'fix' the issue, as I said, but feel I'm getting in too deep which more complicated than I anticipated.

I'm now making sure my back up is right up to date, although I have all my stuff on a 2nd hard drive.

Here's looking forward to a new, squeaky-clean machine. I have to admit I may still need some advice if I come across anything I'm not sure of. Hope you can put up with that. ;)

So, again, thanks for all your help to this point. I really appreciate it. :)

Cheers, speak again soon, no doubt ;)

  john bunyan 14:00 09 Mar 2014

Don't forget that the Windows updates , when you reinstall, will take ages - probably more than 200 of them. I would make sure your installation disc is SP1 - if not maybe install that first after the reinstall.


  Jollyjohn 15:56 09 Mar 2014

Good luck.

You appear well organised and have a backup. Cloning is a good idea but if you restore the cloned image it will restore the issues as well.

Windows updates will continue for a couple of days once you have installed W7, just leave the PC on with auto updates turned on.

Install Avast at the earliest opportunity and create restore point as you go.

I would recomend Ccleaner. When you have installed all updates and programs. Run CCleaner, delete all restore points, except the newest one.

Before you start make sure you have any licence keys, eg. for MS office. Download and run Produkey if needed to find keys.

Be patient and make notes as you go just in case you need to do it again.

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