Can't download WinXP Service Pack 3

  DIYgirl 16:50 27 Sep 2008

I've had to reformat my hard drive and reinstall windows, and am now ploughing through updating all my programs.

Most of the Windows updates have gone through OK, but as I'm only on dial-up the bigger ones are causing me trouble.

A friend downloaded IE7 onto a CD for me, which was a big help: but the service pack 3, for Windows XP, is 66.9mb, which is far too big for me to get downloaded before my connection times out. Windows Update insists that the download will resume each time I revisit the Update site, but that doesn't seem to be happening, as I've been trying to get the thing downloaded all week with no success!

I've got Fresh Download loaded, and tried to find the download on the Microsoft site, but there are several different versions and none of the ones I found seemed to be the one I needed: according to Windows Update, the one I want is 66.9mb, but the ones I found were over 131mb! The reference number I get when Windows Update tells me I need this is KB936929: can anyone help me find a place I can download it from directly, using Fresh Download so that when the connection is interrupted I can make it resume without having to start it all over again? Please? I'd be very grateful, and I apologise profusely for being so useless at this.

  [email protected] 18:04 27 Sep 2008

Unless there is something specific in SP3 you desire, I wouldn't bother trying to d/l it given your connection speeds. SP3 is 100% of SP1 and SP2 together plus a few bits you may not even miss, so my advice would be to just carry on updating a few at a time. Don't worry, a lot of users haven't bothered to install SP3.

  Halmer 18:06 27 Sep 2008

Is automatic update telling you that you need it?

  DIYgirl 18:08 27 Sep 2008

Yes, the automatic update tells me I need it. I've downloaded just about everything else, but always assumed that these service packs were essential.

(I told you--I know nothing!)

  [email protected] 20:18 27 Sep 2008

The main principle behind SP3 was to amalgamate SP1 % 2 so in the event of a re-install you only needed to install SP3 instead of several million other updates ;-)
There are one or two other refinements which for the average user are unnecessary.
Windows will keep telling you you need it as you have probably ticked "tell me when updates are available" or something like.
There may be a work-around to stop it nagging you but I don't know of it myself.

  rdave13 20:50 27 Sep 2008

Ask your friend for one more favour and to download sp3 from here and burn to disc; click here

  DIYgirl 21:02 27 Sep 2008

Rdave, thanks for that but your link takes me to the gigantic version of the update: it's over 300mb, and is for networks rather than individual computers. The one that Windows Update keeps telling me to download is about 67mb in size, but I can't find a place to download it onto disk, from another computer--it only appears on my update page, on this computer.

I'll have a fifteenth look for it, but if anyone can find me the one I need, I'd be grateful. My google-fu appears to have deserted me.

  rdave13 21:07 27 Sep 2008

It's the only "stand alone" version I'm afraid. It's 316.4 MB but always handy to have on disc. It's the one I used and have it on disc for future use.
If you do decide to use it, go offline and disable security programs. Install and re-enable security.

  jolorna 21:16 27 Sep 2008

the link that rdave13 has given you is one i used if your friend is able to download it and burn it a disc for you, and you use it your xp will only take whatever it needs, without using it your only other option is to take your comp around to your friends, as your on dial up

  DIYgirl 21:25 27 Sep 2008

Ah--so if I get that downloaded, then it won't matter that my computer isn't networked, and not all of the download will be required?

I can get that done. I think! Thank you, all.

  Zeppelyn 21:54 27 Sep 2008

There is a page where you can order a CD from Microsoft click here at a cost of £5.98. Best get a friend/family member to download for you to a CD or USB stick for you to transfer to your machine.

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