Cant download windows updates

  gudda96 09:16 08 Jul 2006

Hi there

recently reformatted, installed sp2, tweaked everything, scanned all, done all the usual after a reformat, helped by some highly experienced techies.

All working well except I cannot download windows updates, there are 33 to install but when I try, I get the "failed" message.

Error no 0x8007007 and when I google it, there are 00's of links but none simple enough for me to follow to cure.

Advice welcome

  FatboySlim71 09:26 08 Jul 2006

Might be worth contacting Microsoft, and telling them your problem, it could be just a temporary fault, at the other end that is stopping you from downloading them. I know on occasions I have went to download Windows updates and get failed on some of them. If I remember correctly on some of my windows updates that would not download, I found the solution on Microsofts forum (I think thats what it was called)

Might be worth taking note of the Windows updates that won't download, and entering the name of each one seperatly into google with the word "cannot download" then the name of the update, into google and on Microsofts forum as well, to see if it turns up anything.

  gudda96 09:33 08 Jul 2006


It is a block of 33 updates and the error number is the same for all.

I appreciate the 33 will have a different update no but based on the above, surely the problem is same for all?

When you say contact MS, do you mean by phone (chargeable I think,and dear)or a knowledge base.

  FatboySlim71 09:47 08 Jul 2006

Sorry when I said contact Microsoft I meant by one of their forums/knowledge bases, its a while since I done this, but I am sure that they do have a forum/knowledge base. I appriaciate that they all have the same error code, but if you take a note of the name of the update and then do this,

enter the name of the update into google with the word "cannot download" then the name of the update, into google and on Microsofts forum/knowledge base as well, to see if it turns up anything. Chances are that if all the updates are having the same error number then if you find a solution for one it should fix all the others as well. Im sure I had a similar problem a while back and I found the solution on Microsofts forum/knowledge base.

  gudda96 10:17 08 Jul 2006


Will try that, thanks

  gudda96 10:25 08 Jul 2006


Did what you said and was directed to m/c support.

See below, am I reading it right that I should plow through these 10 suggested fixes to solve??

I dont want to get myself in a bigger fix.

click here;en-us;822798

  brundle 10:54 08 Jul 2006

try this click here

  mattyc_92 10:59 08 Jul 2006

Try "AutoPatcher" click here

  gudda96 11:22 08 Jul 2006


If I take yours first, what am I to do when reaching link, there are a few links and its halfway through a thread I think.

  mattyc_92 13:33 08 Jul 2006

click here

Great Mirror for AutoPatcher... You will need to download the "April" edition (Full release 250MB), and run the updaters for May and June

Hope that makes sense....

  gudda96 13:51 08 Jul 2006


It does and it does'nt, I see where it says April, so do i c/o english releases?

Then are you saying thats the April one, then afterwards do May and June.

be great in step x step instructions, treat me as a dummie, wont be offended

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