Cant download latest version of Adobe Reader

  micemews 13:42 23 Sep 2008

I have Adobe Reader 7 installed and yesterday on opening it I was prompted to install the latest version 9. I went as far as to start the download when my Kaspersy Internet Security asked whether to allow or deny the download. I was a bit worried about this so I decided to tell Kaspersky to deny it. Later I decided to download it anyway, but now when I try to download it nothing happens for about a minute when the following message appears:-

getPlus(R): Error

Installation is corrupt! (15229.203.189)

Does anyone know please what this is and if so how to put it right?

Initially I thought that Kaspersky may have something to do with this but I still get the same message with it disabled.

  Clapton is God 13:46 23 Sep 2008

I don't use Kaspersky but logic says that if you've already told it to deny a download, then somewhere within Kaspersky there's a list of 'denied' or 'blocked' sites.

Adobe will be in that list and you'll need to tell Kaspersky un-block it.

  micemews 15:24 23 Sep 2008

Thanks. I spoke to Kaspersky and it is now unblocked. I can now download it but still get the same message. However When I downloaded Adobe 9 and opened the file it started to install, the bar got to 99% and stopped, then another installation box opened to install Open Office 2.0. (which is already on my pc.) I don't understand this so I cancelled the operation.

I have since noticed that an Adobe Program entitled "getPlus(R)_ocx" has appeared in Add Remove Programs. I am not sure whether to remove this program or not.

Does this additional information give anyone any ideas as to what the problem is ?

  Frungi 19:38 27 Oct 2008

I'm posting here because this is the only report of this problem I could find.

I'm trying to update Adobe Reader on Firefox 3 on a college lab computer running Windows XP SP2, and after installing "Adobe DLM (powered by getPlus(R))" (a Firefox extension which, I'm guessing, actually installs Adobe Reader), every time I open Firefox thereafter, Windows endlessly asks me which user account I want to use to run "this program" (the plugin) until I click Cancel. If I go back to the Adobe Reader download page, Firefox freezes for a while, then this getPlus(R) error is displayed: "Installation is corrupt! (15229.202.192)"

  Frungi 19:40 27 Oct 2008

And a short time later, it displays the error a second time.
(Is it possible to edit posts on this forum?)

  Technotiger 20:10 27 Oct 2008

Hi, it is not possible to edit posts on this forum.

Also it is considered bad-taste to hijack another persons thread, even though it may be on the same subject. Please start your own thread. Part of the reason for this is that, many persons opening threads have ticked the box to receive any responses by email, so for instance in this case micemews, whose thread this is, could be getting emails meant for you or anyone else who thought it ok to join the thread.

I would respectfully advise you to download the Forum Rules from the link at the top-right of the Helproom page.

Anyway, while you are here, and hopefully to help you both - I would advise you to uninstall Adobe completely using click here

During the uninstall you will be asked if you want to re-start your PC, at this stage Do Not re-start, let Revo continue - when you are given the option to Select All and to Delete, do so! After clicking on Finish re-start your PC.

Having got rid of Adobe (a very hungry PCU beast) use this Free Reader instead click here

Good luck.

  Technotiger 20:28 27 Oct 2008

Ooops not PCU - CPU of course!

  Stuartli 09:25 28 Oct 2008

Or Foxit Reader..:-)

click here

  Technotiger 09:45 28 Oct 2008

Hi, thanks for giving that link - yes, I boobed and didn't notice, my second link above should have been the one you have shown - must be the age thing :-))

  Stuartli 10:10 28 Oct 2008

I only checked your link with a mouse hover - I added Foxit Reader (which I use) as another choice...:-)

Anyway, you can't possibly be as old as me...:-(

  Frungi 17:59 29 Oct 2008

I'm sorry, I didn't think I was hijacking this thread; both I and the OP had problems installing the same software, so I figured any helpful replies to one of us would likely help the other.

I'd have to agree that uninstalling Adobe's PDF software wouldn't be a bad idea, but do you have any idea why getPlus (in Adobe DLM) is complaining about a corrupt installation, or how to fix it?

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