Cant do anything other than safe mode

  CJ12 09:58 31 May 2008

Hi Im a novice and my 'puter is fine at the mo but my care worker has a packardbell too and she cant use it at all now it was playing up and she took it to a local small business who said it needed a new motherboard which they installed she started to usse it and it suddenly started playing up taking half an hour to start up making a lot of noise then saying it is infected with a virus... I dont know much but a bit more than she does so I took a look and tried to run her spyware stuff etc. I found none of them work anymore and she seems to have about 165 threats including a trogan ...
I tried going into safe mode and it took hours to get it started Ive spent 10hrs trying to find a way to get rid of the stuff by using my spyware removers but all that happens now is if you put it on normaly all you get after about 15minutes is just the red background with the PackardBell logo and website url cant do anything at all it takes hours to get into safe mode but then you cant do anything anyway...
Any advice would be welcome ...
I tried going online with my own puter (as now) to the packard bell forum but only one reply so far as they dont give a set up dist I dont know what needs doing ... can I use my WinXP dist to reinstall from scratch...
Can you tell me what I can do without being online as I cant get hers online so until I can get it just to work I cant really do anything other than go into safe mode then dont know what to do from there...???
Ive asked for her cables so hopefully we can get it online as I cant find a socket for BTline only my livebox...???

So as Im stuck again I came in here ...
Any ideas please...???

  CJ12 10:32 31 May 2008

Hi marg7 Thank you I will try that then but have a feeling I tried that and it said restore cant be done I may be wrong so will try again later when I can spare my cables again

  yplanet 11:21 31 May 2008

if everything fails, i think your best bet would be reinstall your system

however, i think it's better to backup your important data (if any) in safe mode first before proceed to doing any restore or reinstallation

click here

  CJ12 12:58 31 May 2008

Thank you for advice so far am going to try again so will be offline till evening maybe...
Someone on Packard Bell forum recons I may be able to restore to original settings by pressing F11

  CJ12 15:05 01 Jun 2008

Got this info at Packard Bell Forum and its all true...
So can I reinstall XP from my disk & if so how do I go about it do I put in disk as soon as I switch on the puter or do I wait or do I go into safe mode first or what...???
There is a possibility that the restore program won't work as a third party motherboard has been fitted. The possibility of tattooing a substitute board are not good, Shame she didn't take it to pcworld (instead of a third party who proclaim to know all there is about computers, They invariably cock the machines up by replacing motherboards or formating the hard drive.) as they would have at least explained her options if her machine was not covered by warranty, About the only thing you can do at the moment is obtain an OEM copy of your operating system and you should be able to use the serial on the side of the machine. Then you will have to download all the drivers from TTG web site. By all means you can try the restore via F11 but don't be surprised when it say's "This computer has no valid information"

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