Can't detect HP Network Printer

  Frosty120 21:11 23 Sep 2008


I have a HP 2800 Business Inkjet printer that I am struggling to install on my network. The printer is network ready via a built in ethernet card.

I have a Linksys Router in one room and a cable from this to another room where it is connected to an Asus hub. I have the printer plugged into this.

I have followed the instructions in the printers manual. When I am installing the driver the installer searches the network for the printer but is unable to find it.

I can plug the printer cable into a laptop and access the network, so I know that the cabling is sound.

I've tried installing the software on different PC's on the network, still no result.

I've switched off my firewall, but still nothing.

Any ideas?

  L8-tian 21:45 23 Sep 2008

May i know the versions of windows running on pC's.


  L8-tian 21:49 23 Sep 2008

Also after connecting the printer to the router.. login to the router and check the ip address for the attached devices. from the list get the ip address of the printer and open the port numbers (standard TCP/IP port).It will prompt you to enter the printer ip address, type in the ip address of the printer and proceed further.


  Frosty120 22:15 23 Sep 2008

Hi L8-tian

Thanks for your reply,

I'm running XP on all machines, I think one has SP3, the others are SP2.

When you say check the IP address for the attached devices, what do you mean? I'm on the router and in Status I can see a list with some IP addresses on, the list is called 'ARP/RARP Table' is this it?

Also, how do I open a port, do I do this from command prompt or from the router settings?

Sorry, I'm still quite new to networking!

  L8-tian 23:21 23 Sep 2008

check in the STATUS option on the router, make a note of all the ip address listed and open the browser page and type in the ip address one by one and press enter and check if any ip address opening the HP printer page. let me know the ip address.Then I will send you the screen shots to open the ports on the computer.


  Frosty120 22:02 24 Sep 2008

Hi L8-tian, thanks for bearing with me.
I found a table in status with two IP addresses on it, pasting them into firefox resulted only in 'page load errors', anyway, I used ipconfig to check the IP's of the computers I am running and matched these with the IP's on the table... So basically the printer is not listed.

I thought maybe the hub was causing confusion, so I plugged the printer straight into my router, still no joy.

However, the printer has an option built into it to print out the printer configuration settings, and according to the print out, the printers IP is

Thanks again for your help, it is much appreciated!

  L8-tian 20:48 25 Sep 2008

As i understand, now you have bypassed the hub.but still the same problem.

Waht you going to do is, uninstalled the driver for the printer on one PC and connect the PC directly to the printer and install the driver.

After successful installation of driver, check whether you able to print with direct connection (PC to Printer).
IF it prints, disconnect the printer and connect to the router.and then in the STATUS, check is there any ip address listed for the printer.Let me know is there any option on the printer to assign Ip address manually.


  mgmcc 22:09 25 Sep 2008

If the printer has an IP address of and your network operates in a conventional "192.168" subnet, you won't be able to communicate with the printer. You need to change the printer's IP address to be in the same range as the router or, if supported, set it to get its IP address by DHCP from the router.

If you do need to connect to the printer to configure it, connect an ethernet cable directly between the PC and Printer, give the PC's Local Area Connection a fixed IP address in the same subnet as the Printer, for example with Subnet Mask and then change its IP address. At that point, you will lose connectivity until you set the PC's IP address into the new subnet too. When all is configured, return the PC's Local Area Connection to getting both IP and DNS addresses automatically.

  Frosty120 23:05 06 Oct 2008

Hi everyone, thanks for your help and patience.
I finally got some time to sit down and work through the above solutions (I'm not very experienced in all this IP and submask stuff so I needed to give myself time to work through it!)

Anyway, before I did, I ran through the menu on the printer one last time(it has an LCD screen that you can set certain options on it, and I came across an option for DHCP which mgmcc said would be a good option. It was disabled, so I enabled it and checked my router status, the printer was connected!!

I reinstalled the software and have just successfully printed my first page over the network!!

Thank you all so much for your help, I've been stumped on this for about 2 months now and it's brilliant to finally have it working!

I don't think I'd have come accross this solution without your help, I don't have a clue what DHCP is, and there are tonnes of other settings I don't understand, I'd never have known to enable it!

Thank you!

  mgmcc 09:16 07 Oct 2008

<<< I don't have a clue what DHCP is >>>

"Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol" is the protocol used by your ISP to allocate an IP address to your PC when you go online.

A router uses the same DHCP to allocate IP addresses to the computers and other network devices (printers etc) which are connected to it, but uses one of the address ranges reserved for Local Area Networks.

Basically, DHCP handles automatic IP addressing. :)

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