Can't delete an out of office message in Outlook 2010

  TC2011 11:51 25 Oct 2011

An out of office message keeps being sent despite the dates being long past, I have enabled "don't send replies automatically" which is the advice on the MS website & everywhere else I've looked, this is now also greyed out so I can't undo & do it again even. This is driving my colleagues nuts!!

  Woolwell 12:00 25 Oct 2011

Have you turned off the out of office assistant? MS Support Or is it set up at the isp/domain server end and isn't on Outlook?

  TC2011 12:30 25 Oct 2011

Thanks - I have tried to turn it off as on the MS Support but the rules box is empty, nothing there to delete.

  Woolwell 13:05 25 Oct 2011

In which case is it set up elsewhere?

  TC2011 13:45 25 Oct 2011

No don't think so. Others in same office have no problem with this function. Sorry not to be more definite, we are on MS cloud I think if that helps but setting up the message was no problem, I didn't access it through anything else.

I will finish today at 2pm so won't see any replies 'till tomorrow. Many thanks for your efforts.

  Woolwell 13:59 25 Oct 2011

Could be a corrupt pst or ost file. Do you have an office IT person to investigate?

  TC2011 08:05 26 Oct 2011

Hi Yes - we have an IT company who advise us but they charge every time we contact them so I wanted to make sure it wasn't something simple before I called them. Thanks for trying to help, I will probably call them today.

  Woolwell 08:11 26 Oct 2011

You could try cleaning the rules Outlook command switches

  TC2011 12:53 01 Nov 2011

Hi. Just to say thanks for your interest & that our IT guy is coming in to sort it out as even he is confused by it! Many thanks.

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