cant defrag or scan disk/ computer keeps freezing.

  heskey 21:04 25 Jul 2005

Iam runing windows 98 and have been having trouble for some time now. iam not that good on computers but iam having a problem that it wont defrag and when i go to scan the disk it keeps reading over and over again. Also when using it it seems that it is running other programsand it has a tendancy to freeze for no reasin at all. Hope someone can help with these problems.

  Taff36 21:07 25 Jul 2005

Run them both in safe mode. Restart your computer and tap F8 key every 5 seconds as it boots up. Once complete reboot as normal.

  Eastender 23:21 25 Jul 2005

For defrag try Diskeeper Lite click here it's freeware.

  woodchip 23:28 25 Jul 2005

Turn of Screen saver

  Wak 10:01 26 Jul 2005

HI Heskey, I run Win 98SE and have another suggestion which you may find of interest.
If you go to click here and download a file called (near the bottom of the page) you will be able to install this in your Windows 98SE. This is the Defrag.exe file which they now install in Windows ME.
The file comes complete with all instructions for installation.
Apparently, by the time Microsoft had got to producing Windows ME they had sorted out the Defrag problem.
I find that the Defrag.exe file from Win ME is about 10 times faster than the standard 98SE file and is much more stable.
I have been using it for about nine months now with no problems whatsoever and it's FREE.

Also be sure to stop ALL running programs including the Screen Saver, A/V and Firewall.

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