Can't Defrag Large Clusters

  chochi 15:48 18 Apr 2007

I cannot defrag 2 large clusters of RED. One is 743 fragments and 10.37GB the other is 856 fragments and 10.98GB This is a huge amount of disk space. Apparently they belong to 2 videos on Ulead Video Studio 9. I have now deleted the videos from my computer, but still cant defrag these bits. I downloaded IObit SmartDefrag today to see if that would be more thorough than Windows Defragmenter, but they are still there. I also use Ccleaner to tidy up any rubbish.Any suggestions please.

  cowgirl66 15:55 18 Apr 2007

You could try running a registry clean to remove more of these redundant files. If you need a free one this is recommended by me click here

  cowgirl66 15:56 18 Apr 2007

Sorry i meant this webpage click here

  Andsome 16:05 18 Apr 2007

Try Diskeeper Lite. If you like it it is yours free, but I can thoroughly recommend the paid for version. It is not very expensive and is first class.
click here

  chochi 16:13 18 Apr 2007

I use Regscrub XP at the moment

After looking at threads here, I decided to use IObit. Do you think that Diskeeper will be better or is it just an individual preference/

  birdface 16:51 18 Apr 2007

click here You could try this optimizer,Free for the first month or first year not sure,This will clear all the crap out of the registry,it also has a defrag on it if you want to use it,The free version you can only delete 10 items at a time,But you can run it as many times as you want,It took me 14 attempts to clear mine,And your computer will go a lot faster when finished,

  Andsome 16:56 18 Apr 2007

After looking at threads here, I decided to use IObit. Do you think that Diskeeper will be better or is it just an individual preference/

I have never used the program that you mention. I did however like the free version of Diskeeper so much that I bought Diskeeper 10. I have NEVER regretted this move.

  Technotiger 16:59 18 Apr 2007

Hi, I use iObit which I think is excellent. But it all comes down to personal preference I guess.

  baldtaco 19:29 18 Apr 2007

This is my preferred tool - click here

  chochi 15:23 22 Apr 2007

I have now tried all the above suggestions but still have 21 Gigabytes of fragmented files.
This large amount has taken me by surprise and I wonder if something else has caused this.
I normally defragment once a month and have only ever had very small fragments. I also use the following to keep my computer working properly;
Adaware; Avast; Ccleaner; RegscrubXP; Spybot; Sygate Firewall. These have worked well for over a year now. In the last few days I have also downloaded Windows Defender. I hope someone can help as this is now driving me crazy. This may be a silly question but can fragmented files be written over with data or is that now un-usable space?

  Technotiger 17:00 22 Apr 2007

Hmmm, I would advise you to get rid of Windows Defender.

It is the space between the fragments that get written on.

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