Cant decide which Mobile ideas please?

  buel 22:24 21 Apr 2009

Hi, im a little confused! Im trying to decide which pay as you go mobile broadband to choose for my friend who lives in london and is unemployed (i think he will have more of a chance to get a job if he has access to the various job sites)Ideally i want to buy a month or two of credit for him but there seems so many options, all with varying charges. For example, one that annoys/confuses me is '3's deal which sounds decent enough but i noticed that it says 'Top up £10 and get 1GB allowance for 30 days'...meaning if you haven't used up your 'allowance' you lose it?? How annoying!!
Has anyone got mobile broadband on a pay as you go deal? Any advice? I notice that Vodafone have the best speed...

  Roger Evens 09:46 22 Apr 2009

i'm going to try Vodafone PAYG for my hols caravanning

  jamesd1981 20:30 24 Apr 2009

the 2 best are vodafone and three network ive used most of them 02 is worst orange is not bad but not good value my first choice would be three but vodafone stick does have a memory card slot and both work well and good speeds.

  buel 20:51 24 Apr 2009

Thanks for that fellas.

  Charence 20:53 24 Apr 2009

I find that Vodafone has a slightly better coverage than 3.

Vodafone is more expensive though for top-ups, but there is a benefit of no time limit. Probably would be a good idea to find out how much internet he would be using, e.g. if 1GB won't last him a month, then you won't have to worry about the 30 days.

Have you considered adding a data plan onto friend's mobile instead? e.g. it is £5 for 1GB click here

  superhoops 21:28 24 Apr 2009

Whatever you do - don't use T-Mobile., I travel over the south of England during the week and 9 times out of 10 I switch it off because it is so slow it is unusable. Absolute rip off

  Strawballs 04:20 25 Apr 2009

In the Hampshire area I know people who have used 3, T mobile and Orange and the one who complains the most about conection problems is the one on 3

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