can't copy MP3 music to player

  Halfbeat 17:22 07 Apr 2007

I bought a Transcend Tsonic 310 MP3 player and copied some MP3 files to it that were already on my computer. It plays these OK. I ripped some CDs using Media Player but it will not allow me to copy/paste them into the player now (or any other files). It gives the error 'cannot copy xxxx,the directory or file cannot be created'. The USB port is OK as I can copy to a different USB key plugged into that port, and the MP3 files look to have the same properties as the ones it did copy across. I have XP Home and the player is recognised OK by Windows.
Any ideas what has happened to change things?

  skidzy 17:37 07 Apr 2007

Have you tried using the sync function in WMP 11 or just drag and drop them the player.

  realist 17:40 07 Apr 2007

You could try ripping your CD's with another program and see if that works for you.
I use DeepRipper:
click here

  Halfbeat 08:59 08 Apr 2007

Skidzy-I have just copy/pasted the files into the player. It is not just music files but all files that it will not now accept. In fact it is as if it has become locked down in some way (although the lock on the player is in the open position) and I cannot even create a folder or do anything else on that drive. I can however copy the files I have already pasted into it to another drive but I can't copy it back. All vey strange?
Realist- I'll try a different program and see if that makes any difference.
Thanks all.

  ICF 09:51 08 Apr 2007

Support forum click here

  ICF 10:18 08 Apr 2007

Is the lock switch set to on?

  ICF 10:23 08 Apr 2007

Soz just noticed you have not got the lock switch set to onas detail in your posts.

Have you tried un-installing then reinstalling the player?

  Halfbeat 14:27 08 Apr 2007

Thanks for all your help so far.
ICF- some clues here. I noticed from one of the messages that maybe it can only accept 50 folders or so. I just copied about 80 MP3s not in folders. Do you think it would help if they were bundled into folders (not going to erase them yet as I'm traveling on Sunday next week and will settled for listening to what I have- don't want to risk losing the lot)?
By the way the player isn't full, about half full at the moment.
There's nothing to install-just plug and play and it worked OK for the first lot of files-just won't let me copy more.

  Halfbeat 18:15 22 Apr 2007

Thanks everybody for your help. It seems that the problem was that the mp3s were not in folders. I deleted a few, and that allowed me to create a folder. I put the mp3s in the folder and that then allowed me to copy more music, in folders, to the player. Shame it didn't mention this in the instructions.

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