cant copy i tunes songs to windows media player

  cooshy 21:47 17 Nov 2005

please help
i cant seem to copy songs i purchased from i tunes to windows media player

  Skills 21:58 17 Nov 2005

I think im correct that apple itunes uses the AAC file format for its music and windows media player does not support this file format so you will need to convert the AAC songs to say MP3 before you can get them into windows media player

  cooshy 22:00 17 Nov 2005

i have heard that the quality of mp3 is not as good as wmv
am i correct?

  Skills 22:04 17 Nov 2005

Personally ive used both and as long as the bit rate is at least 128kbps ive not noticed a difference. I tend to keep all mine as mp3 as that file format is supported by practically everything and so theres no need to keep converting all the time.

  ramsay29 22:05 17 Nov 2005

I don't think you can convert itunes to mp3. Might be wrong. In the past I have had to burn them onto a cd from itunes player then rip from cd into windows media player.

Could be wrong. If there is another way of doing it then i'm sure someone will enlighten us.

  Skyver 22:07 17 Nov 2005

Well Microsoft say a 64Kbps WMA is as good in terms of quality as a 128Kbps MP3, only your own ears can tell you what you think. MP3 is older though, so it's probable that encoding techniques have improved. For example OGG Vorbis file are definitely better to listen to than the equivalent MP3 when encoded at an equal bitrate.

  Skyver 22:07 17 Nov 2005

Plus ITunes stuff is copy protected anyway from what I've learned on these forums.

  Skills 22:09 17 Nov 2005

I too thought that it would probably involve copying them to cd and re ripping them as your chosen format.

Thanks for the info Skyver

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