Cant Copy Files To CDR/RW -

  JohnnyBoy 18:26 29 Dec 2005

Hi, need some help with this as I need to back up a load of pics, when trying to copy & paste to a fresh new CD-RW disc, I get an error msg saying access is denied, when I try to create a new folder on the CD, again the same msg. I also get a msg saying disc is either full or write protected, or folder is marked as read only or the sys admin has disabled this function.

HELP !! :(

  Diemmess 18:34 29 Dec 2005

You obviously value your pics so keep it simple.
Use a simple CD R, it is more stable, reliable and cheaper. You can burn it as a multisession disk adding more pics until it is full.

Meanwhile, I think you are setting the recording wrongly, you can copy your pics to a new folder or new CD, but if the program understands that you are trying to edit or copy to the same disk it will return a write protected error.

  Diemmess 18:38 29 Dec 2005

If you either want to edit or change change a file in any way, you should do this on your HD and then copy the result to a CD.

  PaulB2005 18:39 29 Dec 2005

What software are you using?

  JohnnyBoy 18:41 29 Dec 2005

Hi there, Ive also tried a brand new CD-R, get the same message. Ive not got any third party software, so am just trying to copy the my pictures folder and pasting to CD. Still get the same error msg whatever media I use.

  palinka 18:46 29 Dec 2005

You can't copy to CD by copy/paste method, It doesn't work like copying to floppy, etc. You need software (such as Nero, but there are others - other people on this forum will advise)

  PaulB2005 18:47 29 Dec 2005

What CD Writer do you have?

What version of Windows?

If Windows XP, is CD Recording enabled on the drive? My Computer, right click the CD Writer, Properties, Recording

  JohnnyBoy 18:54 29 Dec 2005

Hi, Im using Windows Me for now, though Im soon to be installing XP, which is why I need to burn my pics to CD for safekeeping incase it all goes wrong.

My CD writer is a Toshiba SD-R1002

  JohnnyBoy 18:55 29 Dec 2005

Will a free trial version of Nero get me out of this mess for now ?

  PaulB2005 18:56 29 Dec 2005

"Im using Windows Me for now"

Can't do this with Me

CD Writer is fine.

Free trial of Nero will work.

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