Can't copy Audio Book Cds

  madlizzy66 06:02 19 Feb 2005

I like listening to audio book CDs. I want to copy some of these to use in the car as I don't want to damage my originals. I can't copy them on my CD rewriter- the files seem too big (they last over 80 mins some of them) Any suggestions?

  exdragon 09:41 19 Feb 2005

What software are you using to copy them? I've got Easy CD Creator and have successfully copied audio stuff to my MP3 player, converting them as either .wma or .mp3 files

  madlizzy66 11:43 19 Feb 2005

I'm using the standard windows XP function and working with the files as MP3 files. I was confused as some of the discs are 1 hour plus in length and thouht they may just be too big as the CDs state 80 mins. That's my very limited understanding of the process- misinformed I may be

  exdragon 16:06 19 Feb 2005

The conversion bit compresses the tracks - I've got 2 CDs showing as 195mb, as .WMA files. I think the .mp3 files are only slightly larger, but as I've only just bought the mp3 player, I'm still finding out about it!

  Totally-braindead 16:29 19 Feb 2005

If these disks you speak about are originals such as you would buy in the shop then they would be subject to copyright and as such may have some form of copy protection built in to stop them being copied which would be illegal anyway. Presuming this is not the case if you look where you've copied them to and check the files are no larger than 700mb which is the maximum size a 80 minute CD can take without overburning then you should be able to copy them on to a cdr disk. If you burn them as data then they will stay as MP3s and can only be played on a MP3 compatible player, if you burn them as audio then they should be playable on almost any cd player. But if you do burn them as audio then the program will uncompress them again to a certain degree and the files will become larger. So if the MP3 file is say 650mb then you amy find once you've set it to burn a disk as audio that the file becomes larger than the 700mb maximum that the disk can take and therefore it would fail. Sorry if its not too clear, I'm not all that good at explaining sometimes.

  THE TERMINATOR 16:36 19 Feb 2005

Hello madlizzy66, the standard CDr disk will take up to 700MB of data or up to 80 minutes of audio/video. If the audio book CD's you have are just over 80 mins. Then what you need is a program that will overburn, like Nero burning 6.0. Windows XP doesn't support over burning nor does Easy CD Creator, as both burning programs are written by Roxio.But for interest how long does your audio CD play for?

  madlizzy66 20:14 22 Feb 2005

Some of the CDs are 90 mins long

  britto 21:10 22 Feb 2005

You need an mp3 splitter to cut the file in half then copy to 2 cds in cda format for playing on most cd players. Google for a free one

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