Can't Connect Via Wired Net Connection

  MrSheen 13:43 24 Dec 2009

Merry Christmas Eve 1st of all...!

I've just spent the morning repairing some corrupt regsitry entries that were preventing my PC from booting up. Once I managed to get it to boot up, I then had to re-install a few things as even though they were physically there on the hard drive, they wouldn't work (something to do with the registry I'm assuming.) So after getting all of my desktop items back, all of my Firefox shortcuts, my Thunderbird e-mails and folders, MS Office re-installed I try the internet, and it doesn't work.

My set up is the broadband modem goes into aa wireless router which is then wired straight into the back of my PC whilst providing wireless to the rest of the house. Now, my PC will only connect when I enable the wireless connection.

Feel a bit daft that after manually repairing some reg entries I now can't even work out how to connect to the internet. :(

Would appreciate anyones help if anyone's checking on here on Christmas Eve...

  Technotiger 13:56 24 Dec 2009

Why do you need a modem and a router? Can you not ditch the Modem?

  MrSheen 14:00 24 Dec 2009

Because the broadband comes into the house through a cable which will only fit into the modem. The modem is then connected via an Ethernet cable to the router which is then hard wired into my PCs ethernet port. It's always worked before (6 years) so the set up isn't the problem. Just need to know how to make my PC use the wired connection rather than the slower and less constant wireless connection.

  Technotiger 14:07 24 Dec 2009

BTW, if you do go to the Networking Forum, you should Green-tick this thread to close it, otherwise might cause confusion!

  Technotiger 14:10 24 Dec 2009

I see, sounds like a settings adjustment needed somewhere. Sorry I can't help you on that - perhaps if you try the Networking Forum, listed on the left of this page, you might get a better response.

Good luck & Merry Christmas!

  MrSheen 14:11 24 Dec 2009

Thanks. I'll post it there instead.

  Technotiger 14:11 24 Dec 2009

Gremlins again :-)

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