Can't connect on startup when I know I have signal

  Jamie John 12:40 17 Apr 2008

Hi all,

I recently bought a Samsung laptop with an Atheros Wireless G Adapter pre-installed. My problem is this:

When my computer is at my desk upstairs, I cannot connect to the wireless network coming from my BT HomeHub that is downstairs--Vista Home Premium's wireless utility simply shows no networks. However, I *know* that I *can* get signal at my desk, because if I take my laptop out into the hall, and in doing so get closer to the Hub, I can connect, yet when I take my laptop *back* to my desk it remains connected, often with two or sometimes three bars of signal.

I want to know why I have to go out into the hall to connect to the internet when I *know* that I have adequete signal at my desk in the first place. After connecting and going back to my desk the signal is completely steady and doesn't break or anything.

The problem therefore doesn't seem to be with the wireless signal not being strong enough, but rather Windows not being able to locate my network unless I've got at least 4/5 bars of signal.

Any replies and answers will be very much appreciated, thanks :].

  Ashrich 21:32 17 Apr 2008

click here for the latest Atheros Vista drivers , click here for the latest XP drivers , I would assume your laptop probably came with older ones . Another thing you can try is to put your router on a different channel .


  Jamie John 21:40 17 Apr 2008

Thanks for that Ashrich, I'll install them and give it a go. I did try checking the English Atheros site for new downloads but there's nothing on there. Didn't think to check the Czech site...

  Jamie John 21:48 17 Apr 2008

Brilliant, it works :].

It takes a minute or so after startup, but the connection's still automatic. Thanks a lot mate, I was preparing to go and buy a wireless extender tomorrow morning for thirty quid.

Many thanks.

  Ashrich 23:05 17 Apr 2008

I always keep the Czech site bookmarked as it always has the best drivers and I am a big Atheros fan , although I have to say , unless your house is particularly large or has thick walls , you should get a better signal than 2 to 3 bars , I can pick up our post office at around 60yds from me on 2 bars ...still have a play with different channels , it may well make a bigger difference and see if you can put your wireless profile for home at the top of the list , so it doesn't have to search for which is which .


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