Can't connect new router to pc and internet

  canveyjack 16:52 28 Dec 2005

Hello, I have just bought a new Sitecom Wireless Network Broadband Router 54g (which includes 2 PC cards), and wish to link my existing desktop PC to 2 laptops. However, I am having major difficulty in connecting them.
My internet connection is via Tiscali and I use the provided USB modem which is a Sagem Fast 800.
After my initial trouble with the router, I returned to the shop and I was told that it is impossible to connect a rotuer to a USB modem, and instead I should ditch the current modem and run the router directly from the phone line.
First of all, will this work? and secondly has this router got a built-in modem?
Also I can't see how I would connect the router to the phone line, even the splitter (BT) will not accept an Ethernet cable.
Someone please help, I have been racking my brains for hours since xmas lol!

Thanks Jack

  retep888 17:01 28 Dec 2005

Can you see an ADSL connection at the back of the router?

  canveyjack 17:08 28 Dec 2005

I don't think so, there's obviously a power port, 4 built-in Swith ports, and a WAN port, and thats it.


  retep888 17:14 28 Dec 2005

You've got the wrong router if you're on ADSL broadband, you'll need a combined modem/router(wireless), sorry about that.

  canveyjack 17:18 28 Dec 2005

Ok thanks for your help. Can you recommed any such routers that have a built-in modem, and also PC cards that would work with it to fit in two laptops? The cheaper the better lol.

  retep888 17:35 28 Dec 2005

If you return the whole package, I think those two pc cards have to go as well, otherwise you can keep them.

Netgear, Belkin, Linksys ,are all reputable manufacturers, I personally use Netgear DG834 GT(108 G) without any problems, but you can go for the DG 834 G (54G) moreless the same thing but cheaper and there are some good deals around, try pc world or similar.

I would like to use same manufacturer's pc card or usb adapter, but before you buy, make sure your laptop if they have built-in wifi if they're newish.


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