Can't connect to my Orange Livebox

  parksey1972 06:52 12 Jul 2006

I need help. I'm trying to connect my Dell laptop to my orange live box. I can't get the livebox to connect wired or wireless. I get to the same point of the installation each time only to be told that the livebox cannot be connected as my firewall may be switched on. I have 2 firewalls on my system, 1) XP's built in firewall (which is always switched off) and 2)Mcafee (which I have totally disabled all antivirus and firewall protection) but still will not connect. As a last resort I phoned the Orange Helpline (or should that be Helpless?)to solve my problem. After being on the phone for 54mins and rebooting my laptop about 10 times I was told that I have a problem with my firewalls not actually shutting down and there was nothing they could do to help.
Can anyone out there help me? I have no knowledge of connecting laptops to routers (but as far I know I'm doing everything that the instructions say). Has anyone out there had any problems like mine? Or can anyone help me were the Orange Experts can't?

  recap 08:03 12 Jul 2006

To make sure that your Windows Firewall is disabled, go to Control Panel/Administrative Tools/Services/Windows Firewall and disable it from there. This is assuming that you have Windows XP, and that you log in as Administrator.

  parksey1972 08:13 12 Jul 2006

Thanks Recap
Yes I'm running on XP. I'll check out your way later, the way I have been checking is , Control Panel/Windows Firewall and make sure that the Firewall Off is flagged. At least I have something new to check (that way was not mentiond by the Orange Helpless Line).

  Taff™ 12:31 12 Jul 2006

I had a similar problem with McAfee and the Livebox. Removing the latter cured the problem. I installed Avast! antivirus and Zone Alarm - both free versions - to protect their computer.

  parksey1972 12:50 12 Jul 2006

A freind of mine has told me to wipe McAfee off as its only a 90day trial and conflicts with alot of programmes. Think I'll unistall it later and try again. Thanks.

  ventanas 12:55 12 Jul 2006

Has it got as far as giving you an icon at bottom right to view available wireless networks. If so open this. It will probably say that Windows cannot configure the network, or something similar. Click the option at bottom left to change Advanced settings. Put a tick in the box at top to let Windows configure things, click ok and hopefully will work.

  parksey1972 13:33 12 Jul 2006

Not seen that icon but if I go to Control Panel/Network Connections right click on Wireless Network Card and Search for wireless networks it does say that Windows is not set up to control this search, please use the software in control of the search or words to that effect. So any idea's what programme would be in control of it? (I have only had the laptop for just over a week, bought it from Dell so I guessing that it was something that was already loaded on when I purchased it).

  ventanas 13:41 12 Jul 2006

Not necessarily, if you have installed the software that came with the wireless card or whatever you have, plug it in and go back to the box you have just been describing. Does it have an option at bottom left for advanced settings?

  parksey1972 13:56 12 Jul 2006

I'll have a look when I get home later but the wireless card was already fitted in the laptop, and didn't come with any software. Checked on the paperwork, the wireless card is a Dell Wireless 1370 802.11b/g mini PCI Card. Recalling from memory I don't recall seeing a option for advanced settings but I'll double check later. At least with everyones help I feel like I may get somewhere this.

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