Cant connect on ISDn

  taffyal 10:43 11 Oct 2005

A friend has Virgin247. running on a USB to aBT digital access box.It has become harder & harder to make aconnection,now it can take over an hour of trying.When it finally connects, it runs at 64 Kbps.I tried putting a Tiscali dial up disc in, it connected immediate at 14.5Kbps.Any advise please?

  Graham ® 11:45 11 Oct 2005

I think your friend should raise a fault with BT. If it is only connecting a 64Kbps it is only using one channel.

Are the analogue channels all OK?

  taffyal 13:44 11 Oct 2005

Thanks Graham. I'm home now, wont see him till tomorrow.I'm a little lost, have only used Dial up & BB with normal modems myself.He had the line checked, they said OK but BT!!!!Its an internal USB modem, could that be at fault? What speed should it run at? Thanks, Al

  Chegs ® 14:00 11 Oct 2005

Single channel ISDN = 64kbs,dual channel = 128kbs.

I had HomeHighway(no ADSL then)most ISP's would only allow single channel,and frequently stated they (knew nowt) didn't offer support for ISDN.It was possible to connect dual-line to AOL(but thats changed now)Virgin/BT PAYG,biggest trouble I had with it,was Diallers,they could easily connect both lines to their premium service,and a £25 bill could be racked up in the time taken to unplug the modem.

  taffyal 18:30 11 Oct 2005

There seems good security on it. I think it only runs on 1 channel, its been installed to run a credit card machine for the business. I cant understand why he was recommended to go this way, as BB is available.Could the time to connect be due to Virgin- I used them once & found them u/s- or could the modem be on way out? I thought if modem was trouble, it wouldn't connect at all?
Cheers, Al.

  Graham ® 20:06 11 Oct 2005

BT needs to go to the premises with their test kit. It's no good them just doing a line check from the exchange.

ISDN, in the form of Home/Business Highway, was an economical way of gaining an additional analogue line. If that is all your friend needs it for, there may be cheaper options now.

The ISDN would need converting back to analogue before broadband could be provided.

  taffyal 10:57 13 Oct 2005

Thanks for advise. He's going to contact the guy who sold him(& set up) the system, also BT. Will tick resolved, but will add any results later, as a matter of interest- if it gets sorted! Thanks again, Al.

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