cant connect to Internet using shortcuts

  zolaisugly 18:19 19 Feb 2009

my father in law is having some issues with connecting to the Internet.

he is using win vista and connects wireless to Internet the the tray icon says it is connected and signal is very good, however if he clicks the shortcut on the desktop it wont connect, if he selects the icon on the start menu it wont connect.

if he right clicks Internet explorer and selects Internet properties then selects the connection tab, this brings up a window telling him Internet is connected and click to browse which it will then connect and is able to browse etc.

this is not the only prob as my father in law cant seem to connect to Internet he is unable to access his emails either. i have tried re-installing the wireless adaptor tried changing some settings all to no avail....if you can help, i would really appreciate it.


  tullie 19:30 19 Feb 2009

I know its a daft question but,he is double clicking isent he?

  Doomster1961 00:26 20 Feb 2009

Make sure your shortcut icons are properly set-up. Check the properties of the shortcut and that the Target is in the right directory. If you can't see a target or it's blank it means that the shortcut is invalid. Make a new one by right-clicking the actual program (in the program menu and not the shortcut menu) that you use to open IE and hold the newly created shortcut and drag it to the desktop or toolbar but first make sure that the other invalid shortcuts that you tried to use before are deleted (right click then delete).
Do the same for the email program shortcut. Find the program that opens the email and make a new shortcut with the actual program and you will be all set. I hope this works.

  zolaisugly 15:01 23 Feb 2009

tullie yes he is and yes i have double clicked.

doomster1961- i didnt think about that but have since tried and even clicking the prog icon in the prog folder brings up the error page can not be dispalyed...etc.

please any thing else i/we could try.....

  tullie 15:29 23 Feb 2009

Ni idea really,wont do any harm to try Firefox though.

  zolaisugly 21:08 24 Feb 2009

tullie have tried firefox without just gives a blank page.

the issue with email is still unresolved as well have tried using a different email client all to no avail.

i would try re-installing vista but we dont have disk's, will give roll back a try.

unless anything else you can think of which might help.

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