cant connect to the internet on desktop pc

  dippydee 23:49 19 Dec 2005

i've got a desktop pc with broadband and a laptop running off a wireless router, the laptop can get online but the pc keeps saying "page cannot be displayed" i've tried about everything but my computer knowledge is a bit limited. i found a forum explaining about a winsock error or somthing so i followed the instructions to reset it but it's still not working. it started doing it after my dad installed norton 2006. i've tried system restore but it's still not working. any help would be desperatly appretiated!!

Cheers, John.

  007al 00:37 20 Dec 2005

Have you tried running the disc for the router on the desktop pc?

  rmcqua 13:35 20 Dec 2005

This sounds very much like Norton is set to block all internet traffic. Try going into Norton's settings and change them (sorry I can't give you more detailed instructions as to how to do this, as I recently got rid of Norton in favour of AVG).

  dippydee 17:37 20 Dec 2005

can anyone tell me how to completly remove all traces of norton so i can start again? we bought it online so it needs downloading again as it's a right mess now, keeps saying we have no virus protection, and when i tried to change anyhing on norton it was saying "you do not have sufficiant privalidges" it's doing my head in now.
cheers, John.

  ade.h 18:36 20 Dec 2005

Getting rid of Norton is not easy.

You stand the best chance at the first attempt and if that goes successfully, you can then begin the cleanup operation. As with most uninstall procedures, you'll need to disable some of the more significant background services - not MS ones but those that are loaded by other apps. Before you do ANYTHING about removing Symantec products, make a System Restore point while all is still okay.

The cleanup will involve: 1) running CCleaner click here and deleting all its results from both Applications and Issues. 2) Search your C: partition for any Norton, NIS or Symantec reference - search system folders and hidden folders - and delete the lot. 3) Search the registry for similar results and remove those, rememering to make a backup first.

  ade.h 18:38 20 Dec 2005

Oh, and regarding priviledges warnings; if any app gives you one of those, move to Safe Mode and log in as the Administrator (as distinct from a user that happens to have Admin priviledges).

  dippydee 18:21 21 Dec 2005

all better now. reinstalled norton and it all came back! thanks guys.

  Strawballs 23:19 22 Dec 2005

click here= Try here

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