can't connect to home network

  Desperate-Dan 19:25 06 Oct 2008

Hi, my friends desktop (winxp) can't get online, her mothers laptop works fine on the same router Bt voyager 2110, I tried the desktop at my place with a netgear DG834G router and I got online no problem but when she took it home she can't get online,she tried using the ethernet cable from the router to the pc but it still won't let her online her ISP is bt internet

  phono 19:34 06 Oct 2008

Can you log on to the router itself.

  Desperate-Dan 19:42 06 Oct 2008

I don't know if you can or not, the router is in another house, some miles away,

  phono 19:55 06 Oct 2008

With the desktop connected via ethernet cable open up a web browser and in the address bar type in the required IP address possibly this, you should then be presented with the routers built in login screen asking for a username and password, these will be in the manual, if you can log into the router's web interface you will at least know that the PC and router can communicate and can then investigate further.

  Desperate-Dan 20:09 06 Oct 2008

the home network was working at one time, but she messes about on the pc not knowing was she was doing, when I got the pc off her, the network adapter was uninstalled so I reinstalled that and it worked fine with my router

the mothers laptop works fine with the bt voyager 2110 router, as I say I can't get access to router and desktop as its some miles away. I'll relay your reply to her

  Desperate-Dan 08:33 13 Oct 2008

Hi,sorry I took so long to reply, well I finally got it to work using the ethernet cable with her router, but it still won't connect wireless, I can see the belkin wireless adaptor in device manager it looks ok no exclamation marks, I tried to ping it but it failed, does the green light on the adaptor card need to be on all the time?

  phono 12:44 13 Oct 2008

I couldn't be sure but I would imagine the light would blink when sending and/or receiving.

Have you disabled wireless encryption to see if you can connect?

  Desperate-Dan 13:00 13 Oct 2008

I just had bt helpline on the phone and we went through a few things, it seems the wireless adaptor card is not working we tried changing the channel but its still the same it can't find a network
My friend has gone out to get a new pci wireless adaptor card, wiil post back later and let you know how things turn out, thanks for your help

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