Can't connect to eSATA ext HDD Help!

  six-h 18:36 12 Aug 2008

I've just installed my old PATA HDD in a caddy, and the connection to the PC is eSATA.
My Mother board (AsusP5Q3 Deluxe/WIFI-AP iP45) has an eSATA connection, to which I've connected the drive, but nothing happens, except that the caddy light blinks constantly.
Nothing seen in device manager (no sign of an eSATA entry), and nothing shows as a "Removeable drive" in "Computer".
What do I need to do to get the machine to see/talk to the HDD?
At least there is no smell of burning, so something is right! lol

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:55 12 Aug 2008

Think the esata connection will only work if you have a sata drive in the caddy.

Suspect you will need to connect the caddy to a USB port with the PAT drive installed in the caddy.

  six-h 19:08 12 Aug 2008

Only eSATA.
Bought it from: -click here
this afternoon, and keen to get going!!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:14 12 Aug 2008

OK so not a multi drive unit.

Check device manager that the drivers are loaded and working for the esata connetion.

  six-h 19:15 12 Aug 2008

Is there something I need to "enable" to get it to work?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:24 12 Aug 2008

External power supply plugged in?

  six-h 20:00 12 Aug 2008

errr. yes, otherwise the caddy light would not be able to blink. lol

  caast©? 20:14 12 Aug 2008

You need a sata hdd in the caddy

  six-h 20:25 12 Aug 2008

If I had one, I would not be able to plug it in to the PATA ribbon cable connector in the caddy.
Strikes me I'm breaking new ground here, or everyone's half asleep!!!

  I am Spartacus 20:30 12 Aug 2008

Are your existing internal SATA drives running in AHCI mode or IDE emulation mode? It should say in the BIOS.

I think that an eSATA port requires the AHCI drivers installed which are on the motherboard CD. I've not actually tried this on my PC but have a vague idea I read about it somewhere.

  six-h 20:36 12 Aug 2008

I have a 500GB internal SATA disk, and two PATA Optical drives.
The PC is a new build, (Help from a techie friend) I've not seen the BIOS, and have no idea what AHCI mode or IDE emulation modes are!!
I've registered with the Asus forum, but that is very turgid, won't hold my breath.
First prob I had there was that the "product registration" page keeps telling me that my MB serial No is wrong!!
It's not, but you can't argue with a blasted LCD image can you!

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