Can't connect camcorder to computer

  Macca2 21:03 30 Aug 2003

Oh dear - nothing ever seems to work for me!
I have a Canon MV450 digital camcorder and in the instruction booklet it said that I needed a DV Cable (a CV150F) and this needed to be connected to a camcorder equipped with a DV terminal conforming to IEEE 1394/DV compatible capture board!!!
Super so I got one and then found there was no appropriate port to insert it into on my 4 month old All-in-one PC.
According to my manual my A950 PC comes with a firewire port which I presume is the one - doesn't fit though.
The ends of the lead are like flattened oblongs - useless description I know!
Please help are the 2 things destined never to talk or can somebody just tell me that I am being completely thick?
Thanks loads

  The Sack 21:08 30 Aug 2003

Sounds like you bought a USB lead. DV Firewire leads have a tiny plug on one end and like an elongated D shaped plug on the other end.

  Macca2 21:13 30 Aug 2003

and this won't fit in that either?!!!

  carlos 22:08 30 Aug 2003

You bought a PCI firewire capture board, then? Or it was installed already? If you got a mini firewire port on your digicam should be OK, provided you have software eg Pinnacle Studio 8, to effect the download. (as far as I'm aware) Works v.well for me with a Sony digicam

  Pamy 22:41 30 Aug 2003

May I suggest that you go back to the people you bought your 4month old computer from together with your camcorder and ask them to supply the correct lead.

  LAP 08:17 31 Aug 2003

macca2 click on my 'envelope' and i will send you a picture of the lead you may require..Lap..

  -pops- 09:08 31 Aug 2003

There are two types of firewire connectors depending on whether they are powered or unpowered. The powered types are 6 pin and are flat oblongs. The unpowered type are four pin and tend towards a square shape. The cables you can get are, therefore, 6 pin both ends, 4 pin both ends or one 4 pin and one 6 pin.

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