Can't connect to broadband -apvxdwin.exe error

  HOPELESS1 12:42 27 Dec 2007

I had an initial problem with the pc where I switched it on and my clock/time settings had changed and I couldn't correct them. I kept getting lots of error messages, the dvd player wouldn't work and I was unable use the listen again player on the BBC website as it said I didn't have the correct plug ins (I hadn't had any problems before)When I clicked on the shortcut to my Yahoo homepage it seemed to come up with a fake site as none of the links were working and the news wasn't up to date and I couldn't log in to Yahoo Messenger.
At this point I could access BT broadband, but to cut a long story short I decided to restore the computer to the settings of a week ago as I couldn't get any anti virus software to work.
The clock is now ok but I am now getting the following message on logging in and broadband isn't working (I tried reinstalling but it wouldn't work)
"Apvxdwin.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. Unable to locate component. This application has failed to start because VCL50.BPL was not found."
I'm not very computer literate so I don't understand what's happened. Can anyone help me sort it out? Thanks

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:56 27 Dec 2007

Do you have panda antivirus?

If so uninstall and reinstall it.

  bretsky 12:58 27 Dec 2007

Apvxdwin.exe refers to your antivirus-Panda, you need to uninstall it then reinstall or repair the software.

click here and read all the postings.


  HOPELESS1 11:19 28 Dec 2007

Thanks, I read through the thread and tried to uninstall the Panda software via the control panel but everytime an error message 'setup exe has encountered a problem' comes up.
I then tried to delete the files manually via c\program files but I couldn't delete some of them and I got message saying I didn't have permission to delete them.
I can't uninstall the software via the list of programs as the 'Unistall' icon has a red cross though it.
I'm not sure what to do now as I can't reinstall it due to not being able to get on the internet.
I want to remove the program anyway and replace it with something else.

  bretsky 12:34 28 Dec 2007

Do you have the software disc for Panda, and have you tried to reinstall your BT B/B software? Are you logged on as the administrator as you need to be to be able to install and uninstall software and PC settings etc etc?

bretsky ;0)

  HOPELESS1 14:13 29 Dec 2007

Yes, I'm logged into the pc as the adminstrator. I downloaded the Panda software from the internet and can't get online to reinstall it. I tried reinstalling BT broadband but it won't do it. I tried connecting via dial up but there isn't any dial tone. Before I uninstalled the BT software I think I had some sort of internet connection as my pc was sending error messages out but I couldn't get online via any of the normal routes.
I've dug out an old pc which I can get online with by dial up so it isn't a problem with my phone line. I'm not sure what to do next :(

  bretsky 00:29 30 Dec 2007

What's the operating system and how are you connecting to the internet? (what modem/router etc)

Judging from your thread, it sounds as though you have a nasty or nasties that have infiltrated your system through YM and have messed the PC

"When I clicked on the shortcut to my Yahoo homepage it seemed to come up with a fake site as none of the links were working and the news wasn't up to date and I couldn't log in to Yahoo Messenger"

I'm hoping someone else might jump in here, there seems to be a lot of problems and without ridding your system of Panda, I was going to suggest you download many of the free AV's out there on your other PC to copy to removable media and then install to the messed up PC, but I don't think that would work because you have still have the remains of another AV(Panda)on the PC and the two AV's will conflict.

bretsky ;0)

  p;3 00:39 30 Dec 2007

of interest, can you clarify ;did you install any of the BTYahoo BB antivirus packages as, if it is also being suggested that you have signs of Panda av on there that would mean you probably have TWO antivirus protection programs running

(this all needs 'unpacking' a bit )

  HOPELESS1 17:26 31 Dec 2007

I've got windows xp on my new computer as was using a bt 220 Adsl voice router. I've unistalled it and now can't reinstall the software, I have tried several times.
Unfortunately, my old pc has a floppy disc drive and my new pc only has a cd/dvd which isn't rewriteable so I can't transfer any information.
I just had a spy ware scanner that was part of the BT software which I uninstalled so now just have the remains of the Panda software on the pc.
I seem to have partially uninstalled Panda as there isn't an icon I can click on.

  p;3 21:12 31 Dec 2007

may I suggest you go to one of the specialist forums to get checked out to see if something nasty has knocked off your connections and to get a review of what you DO have on board

register either
click here
click here
click here

choose one but make sure you read their forum rules carefully as each runs a different type of forum to here ; see what they can tell you is happening on this misbehaving computer

  VictorPCA 21:09 01 Jan 2008

Happy New Year!

I recently started getting an error message about ApvxdWin.exe after installing a Firewire Mac d2 Quadra 320Gb Lacie Drive (re-formatted to PC).

The computer stuck on 100% usage. The error message reads:


An exception (OEEDFADE) occurred during Dll Entry Point on Dll Main in module C:\Program Files\Panda Software\Panda Internet Security 2007\Config.dll

I have removed the Lacie Drive but the error has re-appeared. I have written to Panda asking for help.

Another odd thing is that in Control Panel, when clicking the Panda icon, I get an error message about IFACE.EXE and VCL50.BPL

I have only been able to post up this message by temporarily disabling Panda!

Regards, Victor 1/1/08

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