Cant connect to blueyonder through router

  neptuneman 23:53 14 Feb 2006

Hi I would be grateful for any help someone could give me.
I have just got a netgear mr814v2 router and the first time I set it up it worked but then it lost internet connectivity after about a minute.
Since then it won't connect to the net at all and it keeps detecting static ip even though telewest assure me they use dynamic ip.
Ive tried everything including spoofing the mac address, setting factory defaults, power cycling the modem/router.
Is anyone aware if there is an incompatibilty issue between this router and the webstar modem I use.
Also, Im a little ignorant when it comes to ip/dns etc.. so I don't know how to try manually inputting that data to try and set it up as if I was on static ip.
Sorry for all the questions but I also find it strange that my ip (I get it through ipconfig/all) hasn't changed with telewest since I started checking (3 days ago).
My internet connection works fine when I connect modem directly into ethernet port.
I would really appreciate any help on this issue as I've treid everything and Netgera support has been pretty thin on the ground (they keep askling me to power cycle everything)

  mgmcc 00:27 15 Feb 2006

Try this:

With the PC connected directly to the modem and online, open a Command Prompt window and run the command:


This should release all addresses and set them to

Shut down the PC and the modem. Leave the modem without power for two or three minutes. Connect the modem to the router's WAN port and the PC to one of its LAN ports. Power on the modem and wait until its lights indicate it is fully booted. Then power on the router and once it has booted fully, boot the PC. The IP address that the ROUTER gets from Telewest should be DIFFERENT from that which the PC had. However, although dynamic IP addressing is used, if you reconnected the PC directly to the modem again, you might well get its original address back, unless it has been reallocated to another user in the meantime. I had reason to connect a PC to my modem yesterday, bypassing the router, and when I reconnected the router, it got its old IP address back again.

  neptuneman 02:50 15 Feb 2006

Thanks very much for that advice. It actually worked!!
I can't tell you how long I've been trying to get the router working.
OK now for the next problem.......

The router finally worked (detected dynamic ip addressing) but like the first time I set it up the connection crashes after about a minute.

I have to redo the whole release IP thing and power down everything again just to get another minute.

Is my router faulty? Can't it handle the data passing through it or something?

  mgmcc 08:08 15 Feb 2006

Which connection is crashing:

- the one between the Router and Modem?

- the one between the PC and the Router?

With cable broadband there is so little to set up. The router is configured to use a direct connection and to get its addresses automatically - that's it. You aren't trying to enter settings that don't need to be set up are you?

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