cant conect 2 broadband

  donut1581990 13:03 12 Aug 2006

hi there all. i got a new Acer 2410 notebook for my birthday. its got a wireless reciever, so it can pik up wireless signals from peoples internet. but it gets evry1s internet but mine.
i hav a voyager ADSL 105 modem but i dont know how 2 connect it 2 the notebook wirelessly, can n e 1 help me plz.

thanx in advance, me.

ps. simple language wud b appreciated, as i aint that computer smart.

  FelixTCat 13:45 12 Aug 2006


I can understand your problem, made somewhat worse by the fact that the Voyager 105 is not a wireless modem. It doesn't transmit any wireless signals for you to receive.



  bobbybowls 13:55 12 Aug 2006

you need to buy either a adsl wireless router or adsl modem/router to connect wirelessly try these companys click here click here

  donut1581990 14:32 12 Aug 2006

Sorry, the Voyager modem is on our PC and we are using Free-Online for our bb service. When we try to connect to the internet the notebook shows 3 or 4 available connections such as wanadoo or pooleysnet but when we try to connect it asks for a network key. do I need to install free-online onto my notebook first?
thanks, confused mum!

  FelixTCat 19:31 12 Aug 2006


From what you have told us, you don't have a wireless network adapter on your main pc. So when you find wireless networks using your Acer laptop they are other people's wireless networks, not yours.

Very sensibly, they have protected their wireless networks to prevent outsiders stealing, yes STEALING, their bandwidth, for which they have paid.

If you want to use your Acer notebook to use your broadband connection, you will have to either buy a wireless adapter and fit it to your main pc and connect the Acer to that, or buy an adsl modem wireless router and connect your main pc by ethernet cable and your Acer wirelessly.



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