Can't close programs

  Seth Haniel 08:51 17 Aug 2009

XP Pro SP3
1)Will Not let me close programs. I can click on the "X" or type exit, and the window remains.
2) Ctrl+Alt+Del comes up but will show usage etc but doesnt work in closing anything - just leaves its own unusable windows on desktop and Ctrl+Alt+Del again brings up another useless window
3) it Ignore right-clicking on task manager in the task bar

all the while my Winamp is playing away in background -

No large memory usage or memory hogs (1 gig installed) - new harddrive 320gig - new motherboard - rehoused in large case with extra fans so not overheating -
no viruses -malware

  sunnystaines 08:57 17 Aug 2009

one of your programs is corrupting windows, what have you downloaded or installed.


virus/spyware infection.

  sunnystaines 08:58 17 Aug 2009

had similar when tried iobit security 360 beta, had togo to safemode to delete it and all returned to ok.

  Seth Haniel 11:20 17 Aug 2009

nothing showing really - 'Manage' only shows that Windows Defender was remapped but no other errors - nothing installed as new clean drive - just looking to see if it is the graphics card or the memory at fault as thety are the only things left of the original pc :(

  Seth Haniel 08:22 19 Aug 2009

only winamp going this time -and all of sudden freezes and switches off - even though the box is unticked to switch off on fault - comes up with blue screen 'do you want to start in safe mode or normal' then hangs at windows screen - a reeboot and its back to normal as though nothing has happened - and nothing at fault indicated in 'Manage'
Later Data Execution Prevention message Windows Explorer - Explorer has to close - exception geberated was c0000005 at address 4E6730C

then hangs at shutdown screen - and hard switch off (holding the off button in)still leaves power button illuminated ???

  rawprawn 09:22 19 Aug 2009

Have you tried a system restore, or sfc /scannow?

  Technotiger 09:28 19 Aug 2009

I am not a fan of Defender, I have heard of several instances of Defender causing problems. Try uninstalling Defender and use an alternative, there are plenty to choose from.

  Seth Haniel 10:14 19 Aug 2009

ongoing problem from getting pc last year -
same sort fault - resulting in two new 'C' drives - a new motherboard - rehoused last week in a larger case with extra fans - only leaving the Ram and Graphics card from original.
SFC a no goer as no restore disks with it.

Windows xp sp3 with all belarc advised updates.

  rawprawn 14:17 19 Aug 2009

Repair XP?

  Seth Haniel 08:50 28 Aug 2009

no restore disks with it.

Put it back into repair shop - see what they can find :(

  Seth Haniel 08:39 15 Sep 2009

extra fans - new power pack - now won't even switch on just gets to blue screen each time stop: 0x0000007f

sfc /scannow completed ok a week ago -

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