Cant close DOS

  dolphinaber 21:47 05 Jan 2006

I have been trying to put Windows 2000 in place of Windows 95 in a friends PC. I have got in a mess not knowing much about DOS.In fact hardly anything.
At the moment I have on that screen NTLDR is missing. I have read about it but right now I would like to get back to Windows 95 and try again later as the owner wishes to use it.
The screen is saying at the moment NTLDR is missing, press any key to restart. When I do this it keeps repeating itself.
Can anybody help me please?

  woodchip 22:01 05 Jan 2006
  AndySD 22:02 05 Jan 2006

How far into the instal did it get and did you fromat it to NTFS?

  dolphinaber 22:44 05 Jan 2006

Thanks both. Will see what I can find in the websites to get out of DOS Woodchip.
I was about half way through the installation of 2000 when the NTLDR missing came up Andy.
I dont think I have enough PC knowledge to cope with this especially DOS ( I like Mouses!)All I want to do at the moment is to see if Windows 95 is still there!!!!!!

  woodchip 10:09 06 Jan 2006

If you still have a Win95 Disc, Start with the Floppy disc. Then Type as belloe at A:\>

FDISK /MBR press enter then try to restart the Computer

  dolphinaber 11:03 06 Jan 2006

Thanks Woodchip, I hope the person whos PC it is will find the 95 disc and should have it this PM.
Do I have to put the floppy in first and then the Win 95 afterwards
Is there no other way to close the PC other than the main button or emergency? I have to use those before I can restart.

  woodchip 11:42 06 Jan 2006

You do not need to use the CD for the above. But you could try loading Win95 over it's self after you have tried the Above. For the Above you can use a Win 98 Floppy as well. And to load in95 you may be better using a Win98se OEM floppy from click here 10th file from the top download the file first, then put a floppy in the drive and double click the file you downloaded, it will create a boot floppy to start computer with. If the computer as only one Hard Drive and one CD drive, start with the floppy then choose start with CD Rom support it will load drivers for CD and create a Ram drive just for setup. As above if you only have the two drives then when you get to A:\> type E: after it as changed to E:\> type setup. hopefully the Win98 Drivers will work for the CD drive

  dolphinaber 18:29 08 Jan 2006

I managed to get out of DOS and I have had to return the PC for the owner to use it but I will have it back in February to carry on.
Thanks for your help

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