Can't change user account password

  TimCDC 15:11 28 Nov 2006

I've got a shiny new (well, 3 month old) laptop, with fingerprint recognition. So I taught it all my fingerprints, and it uses this to recognise me when I sign into my user account. Trouble is, I also set an ordinary password, and because I haven't used it for 3 months I can't remember what it is. In a sense this isn't a problem, as I can still access my account. But its just a bit irritating, as I can't change the password without confirming the old one, which I've forgotten. Once I am in my account, is there anyway I can go into the setup/registry to see and change the password?

  Aargh 15:14 28 Nov 2006

Eat more fish to improve brain/memory function, or try this

click here

  TimCDC 15:47 28 Nov 2006

And I don't want to sound churlish about what looks like a very helpful suggestion, but can you offer any reassurance that this won't do anything nasty to my laptop?!

  Aargh 16:04 28 Nov 2006

Used it myself - no problems

  TimCDC 21:58 14 Dec 2006

A little while ago, Aargh kindly offered me this advice. I'm afraid I've not followed it yet as I still have a bit of lingering concern over accidentally installing any nasties on my laptop. Are there any other possible avenues to explore?

  TimCDC 11:37 15 Dec 2006

Can anyone offer me any advice about this? Thanks

  TimCDC 20:20 04 Jan 2007

Am just about to bite the bullet and go with this suggestion, but would still really value any other options and advice.

  skidzy 20:36 04 Jan 2007


1. Start->Run
2. type in 'control userpasswords2' (without quotations) and press enter
3. Untick the 'Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer' and click 'OK'
4. A dialog box will appear asking for a username and password. Type in the username that you want to log into the system by default (type in it's password, if it has one)
5. Reboot your system

  TimCDC 22:56 04 Jan 2007

Am grateful for your advice, which I followed but it hasn't resolved the problem. But what I do notice is that when I select my user account, the option at the bottom of the dialog box says "To change your password, press Ctrl-Alt-Del and select change password". That brings up the standard task manager, but I can't find anywhere that then gives me the option to change password. Might this be something worth pursuing?

  TimCDC 09:23 08 Jan 2007

I have tried the login recovery as Aargh recommended and it has failed, saying either that the password is too complicated or that the password file must have corrupted. The latter seems much more likely as it will have been a fairly straightforward character string.
While I still have full access to my account, I'm increasingly keen to get this sorted out. now it appears that the password file is corrupted, is there anythign else I can do? It occurs to me that the fingerprint recognition software must somehow know my password, and I wonder if it can be harvested from that (assuming its not corrupted!)

  brundle 09:31 08 Jan 2007

reset the password (don't need to know it, it resets it to a blank one) click here

Used this many times myself, just don't play with anything other than password resetting options and all will be well.

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