Can't bypass Password

  s99Raj 16:34 16 Aug 2006

I have a Sony Vaio Laptop (Model PCG-7F1M) which, when I switch it on, simply asks for a password. It's a friends who simply cannot remember entering any password but has tried all he can think of. He took it into Currys who told him it's not a bios password.

A box comes up with the words "Enter Password".

After three incorrect attempts it then says:

Enter Onetime Password:

The string after the word "Key" varies each time I try. Any suggestions as to how I might reset this password?

  s99Raj 16:39 16 Aug 2006

P.S. I've tried getting into the bios myself and it asks for a password.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 16:47 16 Aug 2006

Your friend must know the password as the programme is an OPIE that companies use for each login to be unique. Staff are usually given a digital password or number generator (similar to a memory stick but with an LCD screen). he/she must have been supplied the computer by their company and they need to ask their IT department.


  s99Raj 16:57 16 Aug 2006

I also think he MUST know the password but he says he's tried every one that he can think of. He says he bought this laptop from a shop at Heathrow airport.

  s99Raj 17:04 16 Aug 2006

I've just spoken to him - he said he was using it on a wireless access point at Heathrow, and switched it off as normal. When he came to switching it back on he was faced with this request for a password. He certainly did not enter a password in at any time.

  silverous 17:11 16 Aug 2006

These things tend not to be unique and therefore someone has seen it before...a quick search on google for "Enter onetime password" brought up several sony laptop manuals as pdfs.

A quick search within one of those advises that this is a sony bios power-on feature. There are tools out there that allege they can reset the bios password but the manual recommends you contact a sony centre to get it reset.

In reading around this issue it sounds like sony may be able to give you a one time password to get in....see:

click here(23335)

Might be worth a call.

  silverous 17:12 16 Aug 2006
  s99Raj 17:25 16 Aug 2006

Thanks - I'll try phoning them, maybe tomorrow and see if they can help.

  s99Raj 21:52 16 Aug 2006

I've taken out the (Toshiba MK8032GSX) hard drive from this laptop to attach it to a desktop using an adaptor (so that I may take a backup of My Documents) but I find that there aren't the pins I normally see on a laptop hard drive, usually 44 of them I think, so I can't attach it to the adaptor I have.

I've never seen a hard drive with these special pins; in fact they're not pins but just a couple of strips which slot into the Sony Laptop. These strips don't seem detachable in any way.

Can I buy an adaptor for this type of hard drive?

  s99Raj 21:54 16 Aug 2006

In fact, looking at it again, it seems that it is a SATA interface.

  vinnyT 11:05 17 Aug 2006

They do sata 2.5 LT drives now, try using on sata enabled pc;

"Despite their diminutive form factors, 2.5" Serial ATA hard drives actually use the same connectors as their desktop counterparts. These drives plug into standard SATA data and power cables, making them particularly intriguing options for small form factor systems."

Taken from click here, see third photo on page.

Hope this helps.

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