Can't burn successful vcd

  jamiedude 12:58 26 Feb 2004

I am currently using nero 5.5 to burn my digital photos to vcd format.I have a Liton 52327s,but every time i complete a burn which is always successful according to the nero software,but it wont play on my dvd player.I know that other vcd's do play on the dvd so i am wondering if there may be something wrong with the liton burner(but there shoud'nt be as it burns music cd's ok).
The problems occur when i add the files i want to burn,I go through the whole process apparrently successfully,but they just wont play.What am I doing wrong?

  MichelleC 15:21 26 Feb 2004

It could be one of several reasons. Here's a good place to start click here

  woodchip 15:31 26 Feb 2004

Your DVD player may not play Photo CD's. Mine a LG does not although it playes CDRW etc and MP3. But just bought a 14" TV with Built in DVD player for £89 Plus Vat For Caravan and it plays Photo CD's

  woodchip 15:32 26 Feb 2004

Will they play on the computer. If you have a DVD player

  john-232317 17:02 26 Feb 2004

Audio and video are different types of burning, so just because it burns audio, it doesn`t mean it is burning video ok.
However it is probably as woodchip says, not all dvd`s play everything, i have one of the first LG`s and all it plays is original dvd`s or cd`s ,but the latest much cheaper one`s play anything.

  john-232317 17:10 26 Feb 2004

Did you get any photo software with your camera, maybe it is conflicting with nero,,,

Try the camera software, and see if that works.

Also may be wrong flavour cd`s, try a different brand.

  Gemma 17:23 26 Feb 2004

Could be that your DVD player cannot handle a multisession CD that is still open. Try closing the CD and see if it reads on the DVD. I presume you can read the VCD using the drive that wrote it? i.e. on the PC.

  Sheila-214876 17:33 26 Feb 2004

I think you need to burn them as a Slideshow and not as separate pictures. I have the same burner as you but I use Ulead DVD Pictureshow to make slideshows. You can have up to 1900 pictures on a CD. You can also use Irfanview (free) to make a slideshow then use Nero to burn as a Vcd, but you can only have up to 99 pictures per CD. As pointed out before not all DVD players will be compatible though but I have not had a problem with that yet.

  siouxah1 18:46 26 Feb 2004

Have you checked that Nero is putting the full complement of files on the disc?

There should be 4 folders, CDI, EXT, MPEGAV, SEGMENT and VCD. CDI and SEGMENT will probably be empty and the MPEGAV will hold one file with your photos in it.

How long does it take for Nero to encode the photo files?

Regards Brian j

  jamiedude 12:41 27 Feb 2004

Thanks for all your replies,I think ennuye is close with having to burn from a slideshow so I have now used the software I got with the digital camera as dadyassa recommended and made a slideshow.I then burned the slideshow to disk using the software I got with the camera(not nero).This time I thought I'd solved the problem,I put the disk into my dvd player and it started to play, but all I got was the advertisement for the software i got with the digital camera and then nothing.

  jamiedude 12:49 27 Feb 2004

Siouxah1,I looked at the contents of the cd and found all but one of the files you said should be present.The EXT file is not present,CDI is empty,Segment had 25 photo files,Mpegav has one Avseq01 file.So it is certainly burning something to the disk,but still can't achieve the final result.

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