Cant boot XP (hal.dll missing) after vista install

  Major Disaster 18:42 12 Sep 2006

Hello all,

Well, i downloaded and installed the windows vista rc1 (5600) all ok. I have 2 drives and installed it on a parition on the 2nd drive (xp is on the 1st drive).

All was working well (booting to XP and Vista) but then xp gave me the "need to reboot to get hardware working message" so i did. When i tried then to boot to xp i got the

Windows could not boot becuase hal.dll is missing or corrupt message.

Please help!

I have backups of hal.dll (which i moved to system 32 in vista - didnt work) and tried again to do this through acornis recovery.

Do i need to edit boot.ini?

FYI, i have backups of my data, c drive (windows xp install), ntdetect, ntdlr, boot.ini, hal.dll and the windows xp cd if needed.

Any ideas?

Thanks for any help

Do you think these seems like an option?
click here

"That odd hardware message"
Sorry not to explain properly before...
I have a dell, They are cheap and dont give full xp disks but use restore paritions (2 on each drive). These are primary so they can be booted to. I was going to instal SUSE after and so coudnt have that many primary paritions, so made those 4 paritions simply logical. I applied the changes and so windows then had to reboot.
***** I think that what that was anyways****

  Major Disaster 18:42 12 Sep 2006

Oh sorry didnt see the vista forum there...

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