Cant boot PC after new motherboard Fitted

  BigMo 18:06 26 Aug 2005

I have fitted the mobo to my kids computer.The Bios setup screen comes up ok, it recognises my drives, i am going to do a clean install and i have set it to boot from cdrom but when you start the PC it just stops after the COMPAQ screen with a flashing cursor in top left corner of screen.(Mobo being a Compaq part number 203966-001)
I have tried booting from floppy but again nothing, i have also tried another processor from another working machine, still the same scenario. It just wont read from floppy or cd.
Can you tell me if there is something i am missing or forgetting to do because i am am getting a head ache now.
Any help wil be much appreciated.

  woodchip 18:14 26 Aug 2005

If you fitted a different Mobo then you have to do a clean install, to save having problems if you have a Full OS disc not recovery disc. you can use Killdisk to clear the drive, this loads from a Floppy disc. then if you have a full XP disc start with the CD and BIOS set to boot from CD as first device it looks at to boot from

  Skills 18:32 26 Aug 2005

Recheck all your connections in the machine. Make sure all the cards are seated correctly and there is power to all the drives. Check the RAM is seated as well.

Do you get any beeps from the machine? Any error messages or just a flashing cursor?

  BigMo 18:37 26 Aug 2005

Thanks Woodchip but as i said previously that is what i am trying to do. The system just wont boot from cd to let me do a clean install. The system just wont seem to read from any drive.

  BigMo 18:38 26 Aug 2005

Thanks Skills, i just get a flashing cursor after the Compaq flash screen

  Skills 18:50 26 Aug 2005

Can you turn off the flash screen so you can see the post results and make sure all drives are seen etc. Try turning off quick boot as well.

  harps1h 19:23 26 Aug 2005

do you have a full xp disk or just a recovery disk?

  BigMo 19:37 26 Aug 2005

Ihave the full XP disk, the problem is that i am not getting that far. I have put the XP disc in the drive , set the bios to boot from cd so i can do a clean install but then i just get the flashing cursor and nothing is happening. On initial start up the CD spins up the Hard drive light flashes and the floppy clicks all in turn but nothing happens.

  woodchip 20:41 26 Aug 2005

Have you been into BIOS Setup to see How the Drives boot. For yours it should be CD first then Hard drive

  BigMo 20:53 26 Aug 2005

It is CD first then HD. I went in to confirm this as well before i tried to boot. I cant seem to get it to show the post results either.

  BigMo 20:54 26 Aug 2005

It is CD first then HD. I went in to confirm this as well before i tried to boot. I cant seem to get it to show the post results either.

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