can't boot from new hard drive / image file

  rickd 07:53 19 May 2006

Following a catastophe I have installed a new HD, and have loaded a Norton Ghost image file containing SP2 and all my docs & sets (of my last HD well before things went wrong) onto it - seemingly without hitch (but 2hrs!). When I try to boot I get a "disk config problem...cannot boot from selected boot disk". In the BIOS I see it is indeed trying to boot from a maxtor HD (I removed the CD), but it lists the model no. of the old (now removed)one. How do I tell it to boot from the newly installed one instead (I'd assumed it would figure this out automatically since its the only HD) or is there another likely problem? The new HD was the closest I could find to the old one (both 160gb Maxtors) but they have different model nos (was 6Y160P0, now GL160P0). Should I have "installed" the new HD in some way before loading the image? Before installing the image file I did a fresh install of XP which seemed to go OK, so I know the HD is connected and working.
Any ideas?

  Diodorus Siculus 08:05 19 May 2006

When you installed the image file, you may have removed the boot record from the new disk.

Boot with the XP CD and choose recovery mode and from there type


That may help.

click here
How to Perform a Windows XP Repair Install

  Diodorus Siculus 08:06 19 May 2006

Microsoft Windows XP - Fixmbr
click here

  Diodorus Siculus 08:06 19 May 2006

Microsoft Windows XP - Fixmbr
click here

  rickd 09:14 19 May 2006

I'm in the recovery console, and its asking me for an administrator password. So far as I remember I never set one (but it is two years since I set up the PC) and I've never used one to log on when I've made chnages to the PC. It won't except just enter. Is there a way of finding what it thinks my password might be??? I know, that wouldn't be very secure, but....

  rickd 10:30 19 May 2006

just rechecked, and the replacement HD is shown in the bios 6l160PO, so that's not it after all, and can't do the repair because I don't have a password. Looks like I locked myself out. Any other ideas. TFI Friday!

  remind 10:36 19 May 2006

reset admin password click here

did you get your graphics problems sorted then

  gudgulf 11:02 19 May 2006

When I added a new hard drive and used an Acronis image to transfer the operating system over I also needed to tell the BIOS which hard drive to boot from.

In the Boot order I was able to access a list of drives on the pc and pick the disc that the pc should boot from.

I still have the original disc in the pc....but if you only have the new disc in yours then try this....Reset the CMOS by removing the motherboard battery/using the clear jumper for a few minutes with the pc disconnected from the mains.

When you restart the pc should pick up the new disc and boot from that

  rickd 11:17 19 May 2006

just run the suggested password finder, and guess what, there is no administrator password (so at least I'm not senile...) so can't work out why its asking for one and won't accept enter.

No, didn't get the graphics problem solved even after I resorted to wiping all nvidia drivers while in safe mode, and in doing so, somehow seemed to mess the whole system so it would no longer boot. So I then tried a new HD with fresh XP, but still had problems, so now just trying to get back to where I was before all this by reinstalling the ghost image onto the new HD!

I think my PC hates me, its certainly not playing by the book.

yikes! Is this a good idea, or will it land me even deeper into the proverbial? The bios says its pointing at the HD already and there are no other choices - maybe I'll try something else first (if anyone has any ideas), but may come back to this

  gudgulf 11:31 19 May 2006

Here is what I think might be happening.

The Bios order may say Hard Drive.....but it is "remembering" your old disc and looking for that model.The new boot disc does not match what the BIOS is looking for,so you get an error and no boot.

You may have to look at your motherboard manual as I don't know what BIOS you have.....but somewhere there will be a setting that allows you to choose which drive from any category you use.Eg mine lists my two hard I select the one with windows also lets me pick which of my three CD/DVD drives is the bootable drive.
You have only one hard drive if you clear the CMOS that will reset your BIOS and cause the pc to "forget " your old drive.It will then redetect all the devices on your pc and so correctly identify the new drive......Should boot then.

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