Can't Boot - Harddrive not recognised?

  Thurrafork 09:40 13 Mar 2008

Hello all
Been having a spectacular series of problems upgrading my gfx card from a 7800gtx to a 8800gt. I've been updating BIOS, updating chipset drivers, just to get the card to work, but now it's gone beyond that. Now I can't boot and it seems as though my Sata drives are no longer recignised. In the Standard CMOS Features of BIOS, IDE's 3 and 4 usually have my drives listed - but now they don't. In the Integrated Peripherals bios page all IDE's are enabled, as are the relevant RAID's. If I disable the RAIDs, restart, then reenable them, then restart, then in the Standard cmos Features my drives ARE listed, but then I go to restart and boot still fails and if I go to Standard cmos again, my drives have vanished again. As it's trying to boot, just before it fails there is a split second blue screen of death, but too quick to read. The last thing I was doing was using driver sweeper to get rid of old gfx drivers - I may have accidentally (and stupidly!) removed my nvidia chipset drivers as well, but that wouldn't cause this would it?
Any ideas anyone?

  jimv7 12:10 13 Mar 2008

Try resetting the bios, either via the jumper or by removing the bios battery for 10mins or so.

  Thurrafork 12:29 13 Mar 2008

Thanks jimv7
Unfortunately I've already tried that to no avail.
Another thing which might be worth mentioning: When attempting to boot into safe mode, the crash always happens on loading giveio.sys, and an option appears saying 'sptd.sys loading press esc to cancel' (or something like that). Googling 'giveio.sys' has shown that many people seem to have had this bootfail pattern - but I haven't been able to find a solution. I don't know if that file is causing a problem, or whether its incidental to the HD detection - I just dont know. Anyone got any other suggetions?!

  Thurrafork 13:31 13 Mar 2008

A bit of further hunting makes me think that it's the 'sptd.sys' file that may be at the root of this problem - many people seem to have boot fail around the time of this files attempted loading. Apparently it is part of Daemon tools, which I have got installed. The fact that this file is part of a program to do with the perception of drives somehow fits with the first symptom I noticed - my harddrives not being recognised. I still dont have a way round it though!
Please help?!

  jimv7 13:36 13 Mar 2008

Boot from the xp cd and do a repair.

  Thurrafork 13:39 13 Mar 2008

Thanks jimv7, I'll give that a go when I get home from work.
Just reassure me though, doing the xp repair wont wipe any of my data will it?!

  keef66 14:36 13 Mar 2008

No it won't; you should be quite safe.

  Thurrafork 12:33 14 Mar 2008

I did the XP Repair and all is well! And my 8800gt is finally recognised as well! Thanks for your help.
Just a couple of post-repair quirks i need to iron out:
Now when I click on the Internet Explorer Icon, it just creates an Internet Explorer shortcut elsewhere on the dekstop. Hmm.
And, more fundamentally than that, My Belkin wireless adpater can't connect. I get a 'Limited or no connectivity' message and a small yellow triangle over the icon in the taskbar. On trying to repair the connection it says it fails on the assigning of an IP address.I'm not out of router range, and the other machines in the house all connect fine.
What could be going on here?

  HXP 12:52 14 Mar 2008

You could try this

At a dos ( command ) prompt type ipconfig and make a note of your ip

make sure it does not conflict with any other machine connected by ipconfig on them.

Either enable DHCP if it is not enabled and the router will then auto allocate


if it is try on DHCP assigning your own ip like or whichever ip does not conflict with any of the others.

Make sure you don't have mac address filtering turned on in router config - or if you do add the mac address to the list by typing

ipconfig/all at dos prompt

( or disbale it to get it working but re-enable it as it does add some security )

As with all my posts - def not an expert but I think I had similar probs and it was all settings.

I guess you could alos try unplugging the router then plugging back it which will force it to reboot & see if that fixes - that is a shot in the dark !


  Thurrafork 14:07 14 Mar 2008

HXP, thanks for the reply.
Hmm... I'm rubbish at network related stuff. I typed ipconfig from dosprompt and got an ip address that I'm pretty sure doent conflict with any other machine here. It also said
Connection-specific DNS suffix -
Subnet Mask -
Default Gateway -

Is the fact that those other two things dont have a number next to them indicative of anything?

DHCP is running, I turned it off and on again - no joy.

  Thurrafork 14:44 14 Mar 2008

The IP listed in Internet Connection details is different to that prompted by the ipconfig command in dos - is that an issue?
Also, do you know what settings should be in the Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)properties?
At the moment mine are set to detect IP and DNS automatically.

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