Cant boot up after sleep and cut off

  MatasGrikštas 13:17 27 Apr 2015

Hello, I turned my computer to sleep mode and turned it off of main wall socket. Now It cant boot up. I can only go to biod.

  Frost_WD 14:28 27 Apr 2015

Hi MatasGrikstas,

Could you tell if you see your hard disk when in BIOS? Make sure the boot order is right. Do you get some sort of error message when you try to boot(eg. “No bootable device found”)? Have you tried booting into safe mode? Do you hear some odd notices from the machine? If you get to BIOS I guess we could rule out your PSU, however it would be best if you could test all you components on a different machine. The first suspect in such cases is the PSU, so do check it on a different machine if you can (make sure the Wattage is OK with the systems – there are various calculators to be found online). If the PSU checks out next I would suggest testing your system with just the essential components – PSU, motherboard, CPU and one stick of RAM (you may have to include your GPU in case you do not have integrated graphics) That way we can start ruling out the possible causes. Also, take your hard drive and connect it externally to a different PC, afterwards, run a brand specific diagnostics tool to view the SMART status, and post a screenshot of it. There are other diagnostics tools, however, the manufacturers tool usually provides the most accurate results. Generally, providing more information would be helpful, do tell you system specs, HDD model and brand.

Keep me posted,


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:04 27 Apr 2015

Sleep mode puts windows into a suspended state in memory -

powering off at the wall socket (instead of shutting windows down properly) probably means you have corrupted some windows files.

What version of windows are you using? vista 7 tap F8 as it powers up to get into Advanced tools menu and select repair this computer and select startup repair from the next menu.

if it says unable to repair or can't find a problem repeat the startup repair at least 3 times.

Window 8 8.1 F8 may also work to get to the advance tools menu if not the you may need to bot from a recovery tool DVD or make some recover tool on USB.

please reply for further advice

  MatasGrikštas 17:54 27 Apr 2015

Frost_WD. I don't understand what means Could you tell if you see your hard disk when in Bios. And sorry I can't test PSU, or hard drive on other pc because I don't have other computer. And I'm not getting error messages, just Asus f11 to BIOS. It boot up in to it, and when again boot up again and again... Fans working about 4 seconds and stops, when again and again. My pc is Asus B85-PRO GAMER. 8GB ram. As I said I can only boot to BIOS. I already tried to click and hold power button 30 seconds..

  MatasGrikštas 17:55 27 Apr 2015

I see in motherboard that RED led is lighting on SB_PWR

  MatasGrikštas 18:15 27 Apr 2015

Fruit Bat Im using windows 7. As I said I can only go to BIOS. Where in BIOS i can find repair?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:28 27 Apr 2015

SB_PWR is stand by power mode

its still asleep.

Power down remove mains lead (and battery if laptop)

press and hold power button for 30 seconds

reconnect mains lead and attempt to boot.

  MatasGrikštas 18:46 27 Apr 2015

Fruit Bat. I tried it a lot of times. No effect at all. Still not bootngs and red led on SB_PWR

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:07 27 Apr 2015

Ok lets try something to kick the machine into life.

Swich off - unplug -earth yourself by touching a radiator (earth)

remove all the memory sticks

reconnect and power up the PC should beep madly at you because of the missing memory.

power down, unplug and refit the memory, reconnect and retry to boot.

  MatasGrikštas 19:30 27 Apr 2015

No effect at all, but I can say what I see. When I removed Memory and started pc, I hear no beebs, just leds. At boot first appear Cpu Led, second dram led, when Vgu led, and when Boot led, and again.. (SB_PWR) always led. P.S. What means -earth yourself by touching a radiator. It means remove cable from wall socket?

  MatasGrikštas 19:57 27 Apr 2015

Ohh, got it what means erth yourself.. Do I realy need to do this?

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