Cant access shard files on my network...

  MrArf 23:14 07 Jan 2006

Hi ladies and gents.
I have a small network which has two pc's each connected to a router. When I try to connect to my brothers PC (type his computer name in an address bar) I get presented with a User name and password Box, The user name is greyed out but it has text in it:- GUEST(and then my brothers PC name) I can only enter a password. He gets the same thing when accessing my PC, except it shows my pc's name, and he has to enter a password. I am confused I have not setup passwords; I’m not even sure where to set these kinds of permissions from. Can any one help? Thx.
PS both PC's are using Win XP Sp2.
PS I have even Tried to Double click his Computer Icon from My network places -> view workgroup computers..

  madPentium 01:16 08 Jan 2006

try setting up a new user account on both pcs as an admin. Call them something like mylink. As long as they both have the same usernames and passwords, and admin rights, you should be able to login as your usual names and access each computer because you will have a common username and password for security.

  mgmcc 08:46 08 Jan 2006

The prompt for a Password, when none actually exists, often indicates that you haven't actually set any folders as "shared".

Set at least one folder as "shared" in each PC by right clicking and selecting the "Sharing & Security" option. By default, File & Printer sharing is disabled in Windows XP so, when sharing a folder, you may be prompted to enable F & P Sharing if this hasn't already been done.

The need to have an account set up in both PCs with an identical Username and Password has been mentioned - this is required for XP Professional but shouldn't normally be necessary with XP Home Edition.

  MrArf 13:05 08 Jan 2006

Hey madPentium and mgmcc. Thank you VERY much for the replys. You were both correct. First I shared a folder and then made the accounts and it works great! There was one question though...
I don't understand why I had to make a user account on both PC's Can you maybe explain to me why this is? Thank you very much :)

  mgmcc 14:28 08 Jan 2006

By having an Account set up in the "remote" PC with a Username/Password that matches the one used to log in to the "local" PC, the remote PC recognises the login over the network as a valid existing user of the remote PC. This additional security feature should only apply to XP Professional, which has more sophisticated Networking and Security features than XP Home Edition.

  MrArf 12:31 13 Jan 2006

Hey mgmcc Thx for your response. Sorry for the late reply I been ill for a few days :(, all better now. Yeah thanks for your info that cleared it all up :)

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