Can't access others files.

  GuZ><0r 20:08 28 Mar 2006

We have just set-up a network using a router. Both compters are wired to it.

We have run the network setup wizard on both pcs. They can both see each other,but when we click to access the shared files, it says we do not have the permissions. We have also made it so we can share the files, and done the sharing and security on the ones we want to share.

Both comps are running XP pro!

How can this be solved.


  GuZ><0r 21:55 28 Mar 2006


  ade.h 22:02 28 Mar 2006

I'd suggest checking the port settings of your software and SPI firewalls first of all. By default, the ports used by file sharing are normally closed.

  GuZ><0r 22:38 28 Mar 2006

Also forgot to say, both windows firewall are disabled, and have no third party firewall as router does.

  ade.h 22:44 28 Mar 2006

The router has a hardware SPI firewall (stateful packet inspection) so you should really have software firewalls on each client to provide connection and program control.

Check the ports of your SPI as per my first post.

These folders aren't linked to passworded accounts or anything are they?

Is Simple File Sharing disabled, as you only have XP Pro?

  GuZ><0r 22:57 28 Mar 2006

Simple file sharing is disabled and all the permissions have been set as they should to share the files. Also, one account is passworded, but that is on the computer where the files can be accessed.

Also, how do I check the ports?? I am not that great with routers!!

  ade.h 23:35 28 Mar 2006

They are all different; you'll have to trawl through the pdf manual for your router (worth downloading a copy if you don't have one).

  JBX22 03:26 29 Mar 2006

Hi, I'm a novice too but had a similar problem last week. I got help here but as I tried a couple of things at the same time I'm not sure what the fix was.

But on the laptop wanting to access the PC with the files I had not created a password for login. That is it just started. As soon as I set it to ask for a password on startup, file sharing was available.

Also that Toshiba replacement took me about a fortnight to achieve. Today I have just set up another terminal (HP desk top) and the set up time was less than 10 mins. Sees all terminals, shares files etc. WEIRD.

  JBX22 03:33 29 Mar 2006

Should say all firewalls are on etc and the laptop acount is Adminstrator.

I spent ages tinkering with TCP/IP and all sorts of things, but I know it was someting dead simple that fixed it, whatever it was.

I'm tired at this time (03:30) but wouldn't you need to have simple file sharing on? Also don't the files to be shared need to be in a folder in the main pc's "shared Documents" folder, rather than simply on the hard drive?

Hope this makes sense. Night, Night and Good Luck!

  old china 11:18 29 Mar 2006

I was trying to get our 2 PCs sharing files this morning at 03:30 as well -- a bit of a zombie at work now!

Just to say that I have shared files from 'my document' as well as 'shared documents', they all show up on 'my network spaces' on both PCs. Haven't had time to check that they are all accessible though.

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