can't access new web cam

  rnsa 20:18 24 Jul 2009

Microsoft LifeCam VX-3000. Installed the software and am then instructed to plug the camera into a usb on my computer. The nothing !! m I doing someting wrong? I've tried 3 different usb s.
Help would be very much appreciated.

  julius44 01:55 25 Jul 2009

Hello there. I have MS lifecam 5000 version, and its kinda similar to 3000. never had any probs installing and it works a treat. What operating system to u use?? use cc cleaner first as there may be corrupt installation leftover files..then try to re-install again.....when u say nothing u just mean nothing happens on screen??.....let me know if u try what ive suggested and we'll take it from there.....also are all the 3 usb ports working when u use other items with them??

  mooly 08:24 25 Jul 2009

If you look in "all programs" in your start menu can you see your new application you installed. If so click on it.
With the camera plugged in, if you look in "device manager" in control panel can you see anything with a yellow exclamation mark against it.

  Ventad 13:21 25 Jul 2009

I have the lifecam 3000, did not have any bother have the two short cuts been placed on your desktop "microsoft live call & microsoft lifecam" if so click on microsoft lifecam and the cam should start to operate.

  rnsa 20:21 25 Jul 2009

Thank you Julius for your interest and effort to help.
My operating system is Windows XP.
I have done as you suggested. I un-installed the LifeCam used cc and then re-installed the software.
I am then instructed to plug the camera into a USB.
I am then told to access the camera menu to adjust the microphone and speaker settings,which I do. I follow the wizard but the wizard tells me that no sound can be detected.
I am the told to plug the camera in despite the fact that it is already plugged in !!
I await with interest any further comments you might have but do appriciate your help.

  rnsa 20:32 25 Jul 2009

Thank you for your effort to help.
In "all programmes" the LifeCam is shown and I do click on it. I then get what I believe is the LifeCam dashboard which tells me to plug in the camera which is already plugged in. I the by way of the menu get to the settings wizard which eventually tells me that no sound can be detected.

  rnsa 20:36 25 Jul 2009

Thank you also for your interest.
Yes the two shortcuts are there but clicking on them achieves the same result as I indicated to julius44 and moolly.
Any furter suggestions will be most welcome.

  BRYNIT 00:23 26 Jul 2009

IF you are plugging the Web cam into a USB hub and not directly into the computer usb port this could be the problem. Also it could be a faulty web cam, have you tried it on another computer.

  julius44 17:16 26 Jul 2009

hello suggested by Brynit, it could be tha the webcam is faulty(hopefully not though)...i would suggest that u test the usb ports that u are using on your pc with any other gadgets u have that use the usb ports....if the usb ports def work, then u should test the webcam on antoher desktop or laptop that is available.........u will def need to do this becos u will need to verify that the problem u have is with the webcam and not your pc.....if it works on antoher pc/desktop then the problem is with your pc.....if u get the same problem then its def faulty....and u just need to get a replacement one as the webcam has a defect....

  rnsa 20:24 26 Jul 2009

Thank you all for your interest and your attempts to help.
I have to tell you that the LifeCam I am trying to use is a replacement for a previous one with which I had exactly the same problem. Just as with the other one, I have tried it in several (3) diferent USBs including one which was used for something else---- which rather indicates that it is not my computer would't you think ?
I will have it installed on another computer however to find out for sure,keep the thread open and let you know the result.
Thank you all once again.

  Hillwood 22:36 26 Jul 2009

You've probably done this already but when installing don't plug the web cam into a USB port until the installation program tells you to do so.
A mistake that some make but hopefully not you.rnsa

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