Can't access network files

  Marko797 11:13 01 Apr 2009

Have Desktop and Laptop (both XP) networked, or so I thought. Both machines can access internet via router, no problem. Laptop can use printer which is USB connected to the Desktop.

Problem is I can't access desktop shared folders from laptop, and cannot access laptop shared folders from desktop.

Keep getting message along the lines of: Not accessible. You might not have permission etc. Contact the administrator (me). Not enough server storage is available to process this command.

Reading another thread, I have checked in registry, and saw IRPStackSize was missing, so have added it - in the suggested place in the other thread, and set it to value of 15.

Should maybe add, both machines on XP, Anti-V is Avast, and have Comodo Firewall. I'm sure I have configured the latter to allow cross access of the machines.

Can anyone let me know what I might do next?

Was thinking of maybe starting again from scratch, but not sure how to delete the old MSHOME network. Thanks in advance, and apols for the lengthy post.

  mgmcc 14:24 01 Apr 2009

The most common reason for being unable to access folders that have been "shared" properly is incorrectly configured firewall software. I'm not familiar with Comodo, but does it have an option to set the "Subnet" as trusted rather than just individual IP addresses?

For example, if the Router's IP address is, so that it allocates addresses to connected computers in the range to, then the Subnet address is with Subnet Mask Some firewall software, however, uses the "broadcast" address of to allow access to the full Subnet.

  Marko797 17:27 01 Apr 2009

yes, comodo does have that option. By the way my router is Thomson Speedtouch 585. Afraid I find all this network stuff exhausting as have been at it most of the day, without any real success. I have managed to set up another network, but now can't remember how to add my 2 laptops - mental fatigue I think.

  Marko797 17:34 01 Apr 2009

I was confusing subnet with MAC address? Not sure, lemme have a look.

  Marko797 21:23 01 Apr 2009

OK, sorted. Took the IRPStackSize up to 50 from the default 15, having googled. Now able to access all files on all computers, and print from all computers. Big relief!

However, have no idea what the IRP actually does (or what it stands for), or whether the setting should be lower or not, or whether I can now just leave it at 50?

Will leave this for a while and see if anyone can advise on the IRP thing. Cheers.

  mgmcc 08:38 02 Apr 2009

The default IRPStackSize is 15 but if it's working for you with a setting of 50, then leave it at that unless it messes up something else.

  Marko797 09:05 02 Apr 2009

thnx for reply. OK will leave as-is at 50 and monitor. Like I said, all going swimmingly at the moment.

Can't help wondering, however, what made the IRP registry entry disappear totally in the first place?

Will tick as resolved.

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