Can't access my emails

  deli boy 16:06 24 Jul 2008

I can't access my emails.
When I access AOL, after typing in email name and password, nothing happens except the spinner goes round but does not load up the page.

I can access my emails via but this does not facilitate my address book or old email.
I have done a virus check, and downloaded Internet Explorer 7, all without luck. Checking SSL and TLS in Advanced options on Explorer are still valid.

I have another email address with yahoo and can't access emails direct or via

  deli boy 19:33 24 Jul 2008

Add on
Even tried lowering security level on Firewall and adding AOL on trusted sites on IE7, although I was surprised it was automatically already there.

  grey george 20:03 24 Jul 2008

Have contacted aol they may have a problem? Check there support pages

  bebbo 22:42 24 Jul 2008

Wireless or wired? what router have you got?

  deli boy 01:39 25 Jul 2008

Thanks grey george will try support pages.
Bebo Wireless router, provided by Supanet

I downloaded AOL 9 to upgrade and can now access emails, thanks all. Not too sure that is really the complete solution as via Internet Explorer still loading the old version, and i have to launch AOL from PC. I guess I will have to change some settings to get rid of the old address.
Thanks guys!

  Miros 07:42 25 Jul 2008

I have been using AOL 9.1 for several months now with no problems my OS is XP you can download from click here

  deli boy 08:50 25 Jul 2008

Accessing direct through AOL9.1 is ok but problem is it is not my ISP, which is SUPANET. I keep the AOL account separate but if I access via AOL 9.1 for all internet time I have additional charges made. How do I change this in internet options as as default gives me the earlier access problems?

  jaymonds 09:01 25 Jul 2008

Deli, I am able to access mails on my iphone. just check out if its a problem at your end.

  jaymonds 09:01 25 Jul 2008

Deli, I am able to access mails on my iphone.

  Miros 12:42 25 Jul 2008

I sometimes use IE7 to log to AOL web mail, if you logged on through your browser likewise I can't see how you would incur extra charges.

May I suggest that you say Google AOL web mail and log on that way. Save results to your favourites.

  Miros 13:01 25 Jul 2008

Try this link click here

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