Can’t Access My Backup Files.

  Nick.A 14:42 17 Jul 2011

Hi, the other month I reinstalled my computer using a recovery DVD. At the same time I gave myself a new username for the computer, which I now realize was inadvisable because now I can’t access my old document files under my old name. When I scan with a virus scanner I can still see my old files being scanned – so I know they are still on my computer, but when I try to open ‘My Backup\Documents and Settings\ Old Name, it tells me access is denied. Does any know how I can access my old files?

  c4rm0 15:14 17 Jul 2011

Are you logging in with a Administrative account ? if you right click your old Profile and choose properties / Security which groups has access ?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:45 17 Jul 2011
  Nick.A 15:53 17 Jul 2011

I’m not quite sure what you mean c4rm0. I’m not that computer savvy.

Yes, I do log in with an administrative account, as I did with my old name.

When I right click on my file with my old name on it, then Properties\General tab, it shows my old name and that the location is C:\My Backup etc, but it gives the size and contents as 0 bytes, 0 Files, and 0 Folders, which is strange because I can see the names of the files come up when I do a virus scan, so i know they still exist.

And in Properties, under the Sharing tab, it says, I think, that it is a shared document.

  Nick.A 16:13 17 Jul 2011

Thanks for that Fruit Bat.

I forgot to mention that I don't have a Security tab in Properties; just a General, Sharing, and Customize tabs.

  Nick.A 21:28 17 Jul 2011

In ‘Systems Properties’ there is a ‘Computer Name’ tab, which gives the option of changing the computers name. If I rename the computer in this tab will it be renamed also in the ‘General’ tab at ‘Registered to:’, for that is where I changed the name - in the 'Registered to:'?

  wee eddie 04:39 18 Jul 2011

Can you change the User Name back to the old one, by any chance?

  c4rm0 09:38 18 Jul 2011

Hi Nick.A the issue will be that your old account has full control to the Old profile folder and your new account has no access hence the "Access denied" error message

What we need to do is grant your New profile full control to the folder and we do that via the NTFS permissions (Security Tab)

You mention you dont have a Security tab ? This will be because you have Simple File sharing enabled or the drive has now been formatted in FAT32

Click here

One we have the security tab should be just a case of adding your new profile in

  Nick.A 13:30 18 Jul 2011

@ Wee Edie. I’ve tried that as well – having another log-in account with my old name but it doesn’t help either, I think because the name change was at the registration part of the reinstallation i.e my computer is now registered with a different name.

@ c4rm0. Thanks for the link. I did as instructed, but I do not have that last one ‘Use simple file sharing (Recommended)’ in the Folder Options View tab.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:51 18 Jul 2011

Access Files XP Home Simple file sharing is enabled by default in XP Home Note You must be logged on to the computer with an account that has administrative credentials. If you are running Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition, you must start the computer in safe mode, and then log on with an account that has Administrative rights to have access to the Security tab. or or and click on the link at part one and download the required program. Follow the instructions and the security tab will be enabled. PLEASE READ CAREFULLY OR YOU COULD DENY ACCESS TO ALL YOUR FILES.

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