cant access laptop wont recognise password

  nonowtatall 23:01 02 Jun 2013

i cant access my laptop it keeps putting a box up with a red cross in the top left hand corner and it nsays this C:\windows\system32\keymgr.dll is either notdesigned to runon windows or it contains an error try installing the program again using the original instalation media or contact yoursystem adminiastrator or software vendor for support LogonUI.exe-Bad image what can i do to put this right as i am desperate i wish i had never put a password in now

  Nontek 07:28 03 Jun 2013

Two important questions - What OS? Do you have an Original OS Disc?

  nonowtatall 08:22 03 Jun 2013

hi nontec i have an asus with windows7 home edition but i never got a disc when i bought it i also tells me that the user profile service failed the logon

user profile cannot be loaded

i can access my laptop when i go into safe mode

  nonowtatall 08:32 03 Jun 2013

hello nontec it also tells me in a box SMARTLOGON.EXE APPLICATION ERROR then a red x and the applicationwas unable to start correcly (0xc0000006) click to close application

  Nontek 08:36 03 Jun 2013

Well that is good, Safe Mode may be your savior.

While in safe mode you should be able to create for yourself a New Profile (with Administrative right). Then run scannow to try and do a repair.

create new profile


  nonowtatall 20:10 03 Jun 2013

hello nontec when i go into usr accounts the add or rmove accounts wont open there is a yellow and blue shield next to it but the change your password and remove your password are clear and open when clicked should i chance doing that

  Nontek 21:05 03 Jun 2013

I guess yes, if nothing else works, worth a chance.

Or it would probably be better to try a System Restore while in safe mode, back to before you had this problem.

  timjonessupport 02:30 24 Jul 2013

I've used a repair tool from click here which you can use to reset all windows passwords, used it a few times on clients computers which works a treat.

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